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Issue 4

Dentrix G5 includes a number of new features, none bigger than the one that makes it an “open platform” that encourages software developers (including the three highlighted below) to write applications for the practice management system to share data with the new Dentrix database.

Dentrix G5 includes a number of new features, none bigger than the one that makes it an “open platform” that encourages software developers (including the three highlighted below) to write applications for the practice management system to share data with the new Dentrix database. ?Dentrix has previously been a closed platform, only allowing read and write access to the database by its proprietary Dentrix eServices, such as eClaims and eCentral. Now, other software developers can join the Dentrix Developer Program and receive tools to develop integrated applications for Dentrix G5. As more applications and technology connect directly into Dentrix, the solutions will work together as one, helping practices work more efficiently.


"The Go Between"
DEMANDFORCE INC.?Patrick Barry, VP, Marketing

“Dentrix is No. 1 in practice automation, and Demandforce is the leader in demand generation. Dentists really need both. But no one wants two disconnected systems, because that means duplicate data entry and switching back and forth between screens. We have always read the practice’s data out of Dentrix and reflected it in Demandforce automatically. Things like patient visit data, confirmation status and contact information just appear in Demandforce with no effort on the part of the staff. But now in G5, together we have enabled two-way or “post-back” confirmations, meaning when a patient confirms an appointment via text email or text message it automatically updates back into Dentrix, so your staff has more time to focus on patient check-in and other important duties. We think this represents the best front desk usability in the industry.

“Dentrix is the market leader, and totally focused on making practices run more effectively and efficiently. This is a great complement to what we do, which is help practices grow. But now, with Dentrix’s developer-friendly open platform approach, it makes it easier for us to work together, because we can focus on innovation rather than integration, bringing deeper and more powerful features to the dental market quickly. We believe this new approach will help all companies in the dental ecosystem solve usability challenges and make life better for dentists.

"The Miner"
ActionRun,? Satya Misra, CEO
“ActionRun provides a clinical communication platform to dentists. The Dentrix system maintains valuable clinical information on patients’ dental health. By integrating with Dentrix, ActionRun mines that information to identify patients who are either at risk or are non-compliant with needed care. ActionRun then clinically communicates on behalf of the dentist with those patients to restart or complete the care needed. Dentrix users typically generate between 400% and 700% immediate ROI by using ActionRun integrated with Dentrix. Because ActionRun’s service is completely automated, it saves dentists many hours every week. The bottom line is higher quality of care for patients and more production of Dentrix users, who utilize ActionRun’s clinical communication platform. Typical results for Dentrix users leveraging ActionRun’s clinical communication platform have been reactivation of 50 - 300 non-responsive patients and $40,000 - $200,000 in additional production in less than a year.

“We highly value our relationship and partnership with Dentrix for three reasons: Resource availability and responsiveness of the Dentrix integration team; the presence of Dentrix in the marketplace. Its large market share benefits ActionRun to help dentists get more from their practice; and the integrated solution provides a significant advantage to dentists using Dentrix and ActionRun in terms of quality of care and higher production.”

"The Engager"
TeleVox Software?, Scott Zimmerman, President
“Dentrix practices engage their patients in a meaningful way. Dentrix and TeleVox have been in partnership for more than 16 years. Both organizations have proven in that time that they are on the cutting edge, not in just understanding dental practice challenges, but in skillfully applying technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their daily work, including generating production for their practices. The new Dentrix G5 has made integrating TeleVox products with Dentrix much faster and easier. A strong relationship between Dentrix and TeleVox means that Dentrix users get updates earlier and have access to the many features our products offer.

“Earlier and easier access to TeleVox products means that Dentrix practices are able to quickly build and send multiple procedure-specific appointment reminders to patients based on appointment type or special instructions. The improved integration also allows the Dentrix practice to include patient-specific information in appointment notifications, enhancing the patient perception that the practice is more in tune with their care. With G5, Dentrix customers are able to quickly build campaigns for gathering Google reviews, Facebook ‘likes’ and marketing campaigns for special offerings, such as teeth whitening and other services. These practice-growing campaigns run in the background, freeing up staff to focus on one-on-one care time in the office.

“TeleVox continues to be the only company that integrates with Dentrix at so many levels and for so many products. Whether it is our online patient engagement portal, our dashboards or our notifications systems that include voice, email and two-way text messaging, TeleVox is the true leader in patient engagement notifications for the Dentrix practice.”

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