DentaQuest Launches TeamSmile Dental Home Project to Connect Kids to Dental Care

DentaQuest and TeamSmile has created an initiative to pair underserved children across the United States with a dental home, providing preventive and restorative dental care.

Medicaid and CHIP dental solutions provider DentaQuest has announced the launch of a nationwide initiative to connect children to dental teams and resources, powered by TeamSmile. This initiative, called the TeamSmile Dental Home Project, was created to give underserved children a type of “primary care” approach to dentistry, coined as a dental home, according to a press release from DentaQuest.

TeamSmile and DentaQuest have been partnered for years, and have been able to support underserved children in gaining access to preventive and restorative dental treatments. Through this project, the TeamSmile Dental Home Project powered by DentaQuest has connected around 700 children with a dental home.

Not only does this initiative provide care for children, but it also educates them on how to maintain that care for sustainable oral health, according to DentaQuest President Steve Pollock.

“As a mission-driven company, we take responsibility and seize any opportunity to reshape the current oral care system into one that addresses the needs of children across the country,” Pollock said in the press release. “The TeamSmile Dental Home Project powered by DentaQuest establishes a pathway for a child’s sustained oral health and wellness over their lifetime and opens doors to dental care for siblings and parents. We helped design and invested in this project because we share TeamSmile’s vision for a world where all children can access quality, ongoing oral care, and build the foundation for a healthy future.”

DentaQuest has honed in its focus on preventative care for children to reduce the risk of dental disease later in life and TeamSmile has helped make this possible through its reach across the United States, according to executive director at TeamSmile John McCarthy.

“We are thrilled to announced the creation of the Dental Home Project powered by DentaQuest enabling us to foster ongoing care for TeamSmile children in need,” McCarthy said in the press release. “This initiative has the potential to positively impact thousands of children throughout the country each year. We are incredibly grateful for the support of DentaQuest in this endeavor, as they have continued to use their resources to be a force for good in places that need it most.”