Dental Monitoring Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Get-Grin

Dental Monitoring files a patent infringement lawsuit against Get-Grin in relation to its image analysis, teledental technology.

Virtual dental practice platform Dental Monitoring has filed a lawsuit against Get-Grin. This lawsuit alleges infringements on 2 patents, U.S. Patent 11,314,983 and 10,755,409. These patents pertain to the method of analyzing images of patient’s dental arches.

Dental Monitoring says that it created these methods, and the Patents-in-suit relate to the technology used to do so, according to a press release from Dental Monitoring.

“Dental Monitoring brought this lawsuit to protect and stop infringement of its intellectual property, which is the result of more than 8 years of pioneering work and investment in advancing teledental services and solutions,” said founder and CEO Philippe Salah. “As CEO, I take my responsibility to protect Dental Monitoring’s inventions seriously. We will continue to invest in innovation and expand and protect our intellectual property.”

This lawsuit was filed with the United States District Court for the District of Delaware.