Dental and Medical Student Debt Refinancing Platform “Dental Debt Solutions” Live Now

This refinancing platform is designed to help recent dental and medical graduates navigate student debt payments and financing.

A new dental and medical student debt refinancing platform/marketplace called Dental Debt Solutions is now live. This platform was created by a team of dentists and financing experts for new doctors and dentists who are beginning their professional lives entrenched in student debt, according to a press release from Dental Debt Solutions. It will give graduates the access to an online marketplace to refinance debt in a way that is adjustable to each person’s specific needs.

Refinancing through the affiliate links on Dental Debt Solutions’s website,, will qualify users for cashback bonuses, promotional and discounted goods, and access to student loan refinance companies.

The founder of Dental Debt Solutions, Dr Walker, says that the personal element is what sets this refinancing platform apart from others.

“I started this company to help my colleagues and give back to the dental community in a way that other refinance platforms cannot,” Dr Walker said in the press release. “It’s about giving back and developing relationships, not selling products.”