DenMat Receives Patent for Caries Resistant Composite Material

Said to be caries resistant, this new composite material from DenMat received its patent in October of 2021.

DenMat has announced that it has received a patent in October 2021, for a caries resistant composite material. This patent will allow for the future creation of restorative materials with an emphasis on strength, esthetic, and clinical success, according to DenMat CEO David Casper.

“DenMat was founded in 1974 on the basis of providing innovative products to dental practices worldwide.We continue that tradition and expand on it by investing in disruptive and innovative platforms,” Casper said in a press release from the company. “We are excited about leveraging this caries resistant composite technology into our development of new dental products and materials.Dentists have come to trust us with products that provide predictable clinical outcomes, and we are excited to welcome new practices to experience our innovation.”

With this patent, DenMat hopes to create new technologies to advance the future of restoratives and better patient outcomes. The first product utilizing this patent technology is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2022.