DenMat Files Federal Lawsuit Against Hundreds of Snap-On Smile Imitators

In the company's legal filing, DenMat accuses more than 500 alleged counterfeiters of illegally using DenMat's branding and promotional materials to fool consumers.

In a recently filed lawsuit, DenMat Holdings alleges that more than 500 companies are illegally counterfeiting the Snap-On Smile brand and dental appliance.

Filed in Federal Court in Chicago, the suit alleges multiple companies are duping the public by using DenMat's trademarks, copyrighted marketing materials, and even patient images while using online marketing strategies to connect with patients. In a press release, DenMat said they believe most of these alleged counterfeiters are located outside the United States, and in some cases, they do not provide anything to consumers who have paid them via the online commerce site.

The Snap-On Smile products is produced under a trademark owned by DenMat and includes features covered by a trio of U.S. Patents. DenMat has been the sole source of the Snap-On Smile product since 2010.

In the lawsuit, DenMat is asking the court to halt the alleged counterfeiters' actions, as well as turn over all related profits plus pay DenMat a penalty of $2 million for each illegal use of a DenMat trademark as well as court costs.