DDS Lab announces new UDA affiliation

UDA members will have access to DDS Lab services.

DDS Lab is excited to announce their new affiliation with United Dental Alliance (UDA), the largest independent dental group purchasing organization in the U.S. Now UDA's member providers can access discounted pricing, excellent service and free continuing education opportunities provided by DDS Lab.

"We are very excited to announce this partnership with DDS Lab," said Chick Cowan, CEO of United Dental Alliance. "This partnership will allow the dentists in our group to cut the cost of their laboratory bill by nearly 25%, while continuing to give their patients high quality products and care. This is a major benefit for our group members."

DDS Lab is a full-service, NBC-certified dental laboratory based in Tampa, Florida, and is an extension of resources and top-quality products for dental offices nationwide. The laboratory emphasizes innovative and digital dental technologies to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

"I look forward to continue developing this relationship with United Dental Alliance," said William (Bill) Braun, CEO of DDS Lab. "I want to ensure DDS Lab provides the highest level of product quality and customer service available in our industry for the providers of United Dental Alliance, and their patients."

DDS Lab specializes in crown and bridge, dentures, partials, implants, orthodontics, Fierce® mouth guards and CAD/CAM restorations. For more information on DDS Lab's products and services, call 877-337-7800 or visit