COVID-19 Infection Rates Lower at Dentists Than Other Health Professionals

Dentists have lower infection rates of COVID-19 than other health professionals a year into the pandemic.

Dentists continue to have lower COVID-19 infection rates than other health professionals, according to a study from The Journal of the American Dental Association (ADA).

The study was based on data collected from June 9th to November 13th, 2020 and marked that the cumulative infection rate for dentists was 2.6%. This rate was lower than the lowest of other health professional rates and demonstrates continual infection control on behalf of practices around the U.S., according to a press release from the ADA.

The study demonstrates a safe and running dental care sector, and future research will examine Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPE) use and level of protection against COVID-19.

To learn more about the study, visit the website here.