Corporate Profile: Q&A with Sunstar

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2011-08-01, Issue 8

As an established leader in preventive care, why is the recent launch of PerioShield such a big release for Sunstar?

As an established leader in preventive care, why is the recent launch of PerioShield such a big release for Sunstar?

GUM PerioShield Oral Health Rinse is our new and innovative aid for the prevention and treatment of gingivigits, which can lead to Periodontitis. With 29 scientific studies backing the product, this launch further establishes Sunstar’s role in providing clinically proven solutions to dental professionals. PerioShield complements our portfolio of products such as PerioBalance daily dental probiotic, Alcohol-Free CHX, Technique Deep Clean Toothbrush and Soft Picks to provide a continuum of care for the patient.

Can you describe the science behind the product and why this sets it apart?

PerioShield works by disrupting existing biofilm, making it easier to remove and coating the teeth and gums to prevent new plaque from sticking. It has a unique mechanism of action which helps to prevent the formation of new plaque. This is accomplished by inhibiting the ability of bacteria to produce polysaccharides, which is the “glue” and nourishment necessary for plaque bacteria to thrive and proliferate. With this unique mechanism of action, PerioShield received FDA approval as a medical device and is available over the counter. PerioShield is also a low-alcohol (1.5% ) non-bactericidal rinse, that maintains the normal flora necessary for a healthy mouth. In addition, the rinse creates an invisible protective shield around the teeth and gingiva to continually repel plaque and pathogenic bacteria – thus the name PerioShield.

In terms of the professional and patient approach to preventive care, what do you see as current trends helping shape recommendations and behavior?

The latest trends include a more complete continuum of care for the patient. Brushing alone is not enough and everyone knows that less than 20% of patients floss on a regular basis. Dental professionals are now customizing their home care product recommendations based on the patients oral health but also on their likelihood to use the products. Between teeth cleaning products are growing at a rapid pace and rinses are being added to the home care routine.

Who is the right patient for PerioShield?

While PerioShield can be used by any patient group, the ideal candidates are patients with gingivitis who can benefit from stopping the progression of periodontal disease at its earliest stages. It can also be used as a relapse prevention tool for post CHX treatment and at-home maintenance therapy after scaling and root planing. PerioShield is also right for any patient who can benefit by maintaining a healthy, balanced oral flora.

Is PerioShield a probiotic?

PerioShield is not a probiotic, though it works well with a probiotic such as GUM PerioBalance due to the fact
PerioShield is not an antimicrobial product unlike other conventional mouth rinses. PerioShield interferes with the process of plaque build up and provides a shield against harmful bacteria adhering to teeth and gums. PerioBalance populates the mouth with more friendly bacteria to serve as a natural defense mechanism against harmful bacteria, helping provide balance to the oral environment.