Condor Technologies launches two customer programs

The programs are focused on early adopters and labs who want to be ready to work with Condor users.

After being launched in the U.S. in 2017, last September’s software updates of the Condor Intra-Oral Scanner confirmed that the product is ready for a wider group of early adopters. Condor Technologies now announces two customer programs focused on early adopter users and labs who want to be ready to work with Condor users.

The Condor Mentor Program

The Condor Mentor Program is developed to give leaders within the Condor community access to exclusive resources and financial rewards. Building this community will reportedly lead to a selective group of dentists who will have the opportunity of being closely involved in the further development of Condor.

“At this moment, we are building a community of dedicated digital pioneers who want to join us on our mission to shape the future of digital dentistry”, says CEO Guy De Vreese.

Being the world’s first software-driven scanner, Condor can reportedly include customer feedback in their development cycle much faster than any other company.

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"Just like professor François Duret once envisioned, we are finally building an intra-oral scanner for the mainstream dentist, and therefore we need the wisdom of the crowd to get there," De Vreese says. "We have the technology, we have the engineers, but the last piece of the puzzle is the crowd."

Apart from being closely involved in the development cycle, Condor is said to offer its mentors financial benefits for sharing their experiences through lectures and organizing hands-on sessions for other dentists. The benefits for a mentor are not only of a financial nature; they also get access to exclusive resources so that they can focus on what they do best: guiding their peers toward digital success.

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The Condor Ready Lab Program

Being a completely open system, Condor files can be sent to any lab in the world. The focus of the Condor Ready Lab Program is to build an endorsed network of certified labs, supported by Condor, that are ready to receive and process both the STL and PLY color-files produced by the Condor Intra Oral Scanner.

“It’s all about building bridges between labs and our users. It’s a source of new clients for labs, while our users have a network of labs they know they can rely on," De Vreese says.

This program reportedly reaches out to labs to support them and get them involved in the onboarding of new Condor users. At the same time, the program is said to create opportunities for labs to start working with current users.

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