Closer look: HygienistPrep helping dental hygiene students soar through NBDHE

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HygienistPrep™ released its NBDHE prep program to the public in mid-2013 and, after a year in business, is pleased to announce a 100% reported pass rate among subscribers.

HygienistPrep™ released its NBDHE prep program to the public in mid-2013 and, after a year in business, is pleased to announce a 100% reported pass rate among subscribers.

“We could not be more excited to see HygienistPrep proving so reliably useful to our customers,” said Mauricio Dujowich, founding partner of XPrep Learning Solutions, HygienistPrep’s parent company. “We look forward to helping many more students in the years to come and continually improving to remain the best possible preparation tool for National Board exams.”

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Beginning in 2011, a group of dental education enthusiasts, along with experts in internet-based board preparation, joined forces with the objective to create the most comprehensive online platform ever created for dental hygiene students preparing to take the NBDHE.

“Our main objective is helping make students’ lives easier by creating online solutions that both bolster their knowledge on content while simultaneously giving them an environment that mimics the computer based exam,” Dujowich said. “This way, come the big day, they feel as prepared as possible on multiple levels.”

Content and functionality have been built from the ground up specifically to address board preparation needs. In fact, success guarantees are afforded to all students who complete the majority of the 1,500 multiple choice questions provided within the program.

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Subscriptions of 30, 60 or 90 days are available, or the duration can be customized to accommodate an entire class. Students are able to use the program from any web-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets, or computers.

“The randomized questions, the variety of formats, and the case studies were all excellent in the sense that they provided a good idea of what the test would look like,” said Sara, a HygienistPrep user at Indiana School of Dentistry.

HygienistPrep focuses on the same categories covered on the NBDHE, including testlets in the area of Community Health Research as well as case-based questions complete with intraoral photographs, charting and digital radiographs. All questions are specifically designed with the NBDHE in mind. The web-based interface, ratio of question types, question format, and user interface were strategically created to simulate an actual NBDHE exam and to help familiarize the student with the board exam experience.

Statistics and graphs are generated to reveal weaker and stronger areas in each individual’s performance. Detailed answer explanations to all questions, combined with PowerPages™ (condensed study notes), provide an extensive and interactive learning resource. No more need for scouring textbooks and lecture notes – HygienistPrep provides all of the information a student will need in one online program.

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To find out more about HygienistPrep, go to and take a tour. Pricing for the three subscription options are 30 days ($199), 60 days ($229), and 90 days ($249).

For further information or inquiries about institutional pricing offered to groups of students, please email Kathleen Allen, RDH, Education Coordinator for HygienistPrep, at

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