Clinician's Choice Launches Hands-OnLine LIVE CE Courses

Online courses are presented live with attending clinicians able to work hands-on from their own operatory using provided materials.

Combining online dental continuing education with hands-on clinical training, Clinician's Choice is launching a new Hands-OnLine LIVE CE program with three sessions this fall.

The newest course offering in the program is "Freehand Diastema Closure" presented by Dr. Robert Margeas. Course attendees will learn a step-by-step technique to treat midline diastemas without using wedges or a matrix system. The course will be offered Sept. 17, Oct. 2, and Nov. 26. Additionally, Dr. Margeas' "Mastering the Class V Restoration" course will also be available Sept. 11, Oct. 8, and Nov. 13.

The courses offer 2 hours of CE credit and provide an interactive experience where clinicians can learn from their own operatories. After registration, attendees will be sent a technique kit including a guide to the technique being presented, a model, instruments, materials and all accessories that will be needed. Attendees log in to the Hands-OnLine site to view the training and then follow along from their practice.

For more information or to register online visit