ClearCorrect announces new Flex and Unlimited pricing

The pricing options are designed to give providers more flexibility.

ClearCorrect, LLC, a leading manufacturer of clear aligners, announced its new customizable Flex and full-featured Unlimited pricing options at the AAO 2017 Annual Session. For the first time, doctors will be able to choose between paying per aligner or one flat rate for five years of unlimited aligners and retainers.

ClearCorrect's new Flex pricing is designed to allow providers to purchase as many (or as few) aligners and retainers as they want, and only pay for what they need. With Flex, doctors can fully customize treatment to meet their patients' needs without squeezing into pre-set pricing tiers. Doctors who choose Flex can reportedly save up to 70 percent on fees versus "the other guys."

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The updated Unlimited option now offers providers five full years of worry-free treatment-including retention-for one flat rate. The Unlimited option covers all aligners, revisions and replacements for five full years-regardless of inactivity. Unlimited treatment also now includes multiple sets of retainers-up to two pairs every six months-at no extra cost during the five-year period. Best of all, the updated Unlimited option is said to be still significantly more affordable than "the other guys," even before factoring in the cost of retainers.

"Just like our aligners, Flex is customized to fit the needs of each patient and doctor," ClearCorrect CEO, Jarrett Pumphrey, explains. "Whether they're dealing with a simple relapse or a complex combination case, doctors can choose whether they prefer the customizable economy of Flex or the long-term security of Unlimited."

ClearCorrect providers will still enjoy free online case submission, web-based treatment setups, patient starter kits and compatibility with all major intraoral scanners.

The new Flex and Unlimited options are currently in testing with select U.S. ClearCorrect providers. They will be available to all U.S. providers on June 1, 2017, and the rest of the world later this year.

Registered ClearCorrect providers can find out more at