Chicago Midwinter Meeting: What to see in the Windy City — Part 2

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report February 2016, Volume 50, Issue 2

From Feb. 25-27, the DPR editorial team, as well as countless other dental professionals, will visit the Windy City for the best in hands-on learning, lectures and commercial exhibits.

From Feb. 25-27, the DPR editorial team, as well as countless other dental professionals, will visit the Windy City for the best in hands-on learning, lectures and commercial exhibits.

With a host of new product launches, industry events and much more, the 151st Chicago Midwinter Meeting promises to keep all us on our toes. To help you sort it all out, we've put together this handy guide of must-see products to check out if you're hitting the showroom floor at McCormick Place West. If you can't be there, be sure to check during the event for real-time updates and news from the show! 


Click through our slidewshow to see these 13 products you shouldn't miss at the meeting!




RelyX Fiber Post 3D (Booth #3825, #4025)

3M’s new RelyX Fiber Post 3D features an updated design said to offer higher mechanical retention to the core build-up material and maintains a strong bond in the root canal due to its microporous surface. In combination with RelyX™ Unicem 2 Automix Self-Adhesive Universal Resin Cement, Scotchbond™ Universal Adhesive and Filtek™ Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative, the post-and-core procedure reportedly can be significantly simplified. 

3M ESPE  |  800-634-2249  |




AIR-N-GO® Easy (Booth #3011)

ACTEON® reportedly has engineered a new way to perform air polishing. The AIR-N-GO® Easy is said to attach to the high speed handpiece connection in any dental chair and has been redesigned to be simple to clean, maintain and sterilize. In addition, a comprehensive range of nozzles are said to allow complete supra and subgingival treatments, reportedly providing targeted action against biofilm in any area of the mouth.

ACTEON® North America  |  800-289-6367  |




All Ceramic Polishing System (Booth #2804)

Cosmedent has developed the All Ceramic Polishing System, which reportedly creates an unbelievable polish on zirconia, e.max and other lithium disilicates, feldspathic porcelain and all milled CAD/CAM ceramics in seconds. These polishers are said to surpass all others in their finish, speed and longevity. Cosmedent’s All Ceramic Polishers are designed to actually bring the color and translucence out of the ceramic unlike the flat finish of a glaze.

Cosmedent  |  800-621-6729  |





ATLANTIS Insertion Guide (Booth #2202, #2402)

The ATLANTIS Insertion Guide is a precisely crafted, 3D-printed device that reportedly holds an ATLANTIS abutment securely at the correct angle and orientation during installation for single- and multiple-unit, cement-retained solutions. Available for all major implant systems, the ATLANTIS Insertion Guide is designed based on the final tooth shape for optimal form and function and is fully FDA compliant.

DENTSPLY Implants  |  800-531-3481  |




AccuDent XD (Booth #1817, #2017)

Ivoclar Vivadent announced the release of its new, next-generation AccuDent XD alginate impression system. Like the original AccuDent, this new-and-improved system reportedly includes two dual-phase alginate materials (tray and syringe) for more accuracy and precision than traditional alginate impression materials and a thermoplastic heat-moldable tray system for both dentate and edentulous impressions.

Ivoclar Vivadent  |  800-533-6825  |




Feather Microsurgical Blades (Booth #2807)

Feather Microsurgical Blades are made of high quality stainless steel with a two-step grinding process that reportedly produces ultra-sharp cutting edges. The round and tapered shape is specifically designed for dental surgery and said to offer easy handling. Feather blades reportedly allow surgical precision with a very fine incision and are thus ideal for microsurgery and use with a microscope. They are designed to retain cutting efficiency and appropriate for a wide variety of procedures for periodontal and regenerative surgery.

J. Morita  |  877-JMORITA  |




NuSmile NeoMTA™ (Booth #4617)

NuSmile recently launched NuSmile NeoMTA™. MTA is a bioactive, non-cytotoxic medicament indicated for pulpotomies, pulp-capping and more. Not only does MTA reportedly not contain formaldehyde, but several studies are said to suggest it is actually superior to formocresol in terms of its clinical success rates and the fact that it does not induce internal root resorption. Clinicians simply mix the medicament’s ultra-fine powder with a gel. Achieving the desired consistency requires only altering the powder/gel ratio.

NuSmile  |  800-346-5133  |




Big Easy® inserts (Booth #3800)

Innovative Big Easy® Implant Magnetostrictive Inserts are now available from Premier® Dental Products Company. The inserts are said to make power scaling work for you. The no-scratch tip reportedly will safely and quickly clean around implant surfaces and is also ideal for sensitive patients. The innovative design features a permanently attached tip made from PEEK polymer designed to eliminate the need to keep track of disposable tips or a special attachment tool.  

Premier Dental Products Company  |  888-670-6100  |




BurButler (Booth #2811)

Shofu announced it has extended its BurButler product line, the silicone bur block that reportedly grips all burs securely in place, eliminating the risk of spilling. To meet varied clinicians’ and laboratory technicians’ preferences, BurButler now includes a five-, 10- and 25-hole base configuration. The 25-hole base features the option of a standard or a tall clear lid. Mix and match FG, CA, HP (tall-lid only) and short shank burs to suit your clinical or laboratory needs.

Shofu Dental Corporation  |  800-827-4638  |




Liquid Magic Resin Barrier (Booth #2209)

TAUB Products announced the release of Liquid Magic Resin Barrier for implant and cosmetic dentistry. Liquid Magic is a light-cured resin used to protect threading, screws and internal components of implants and abutments. Used prior to the placement of a crown, Liquid Magic works in conjunction with ZERO-G Bio-Implant Cement, reportedly resulting in better seating of the crown and easier cleanup afterward.

TAUB Products  |  800-828-2634  |




Gemini™ 810 + 980 soft-tissue laser (Booth #4800)

Ultradent Products Inc. introduced the Gemini­ 810 + 980 soft tissue laser, which is said to be dentistry’s first dual-wavelength soft tissue diode laser with 20 watts of peak super-pulsed power and a stunning, fully transparent electroluminescent display. No matter the procedure, the innovative Gemini laser reportedly makes it faster, smoother and more efficient.

Ultradent Products Inc.  |  800-552-5512  |




Admira Fusion (Booth #4114)

VOCO is said to present an evolutionary step forward in the realm of direct restorative dental materials with the introduction of Admira Fusion, the world’s first all ceramic-based universal direct restorative. It represents the fusion of VOCO’s proven nano-hybrid technology with ORMOCER (ORganic MOdified CERamic) technology, already reportedly noted for its success in some of the world’s largest industries.

VOCO America, Inc.  |  888-658-2584  |