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Category cruncher: In-office whitening products

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2015-06-01
Issue 6

Whitening can increase a patient's self-confidence and body image. It also can lead to patients accepting additional needed and cosmetic dental procedures down the road. Check out these great in-office whitening systems to keep your patients' smiles bright and white.

Whitening can increase a patient's self-confidence and body image. It also can lead to patients accepting additional needed and cosmetic dental procedures down the road. Check out these great in-office whitening systems to keep your patients' smiles bright and white.

LumiSmile WhileDenMat’s LumiSmile White in-office professional whitening system is designed to whiten your patient’s teeth in one single visit. Reportedly formulated with decades of experience in professional teeth whitening, LumiSmile White’s 25-percent hydrogen peroxide in-office system is said to deliver the effective, safe and fast whitening your patients want at a friendlier price for you. No refrigeration is required, and use of a light is optional. In-office kits are also now available with optional take-home syringes for continued patient touch-up.
805-346-3700  |  denmat.com

Captivate by NUPRO™
Developed by the makers of the No. 1 brand of prophy paste, Captivate by NUPRO™ is said to be the brand you can trust to deliver consistent whitening results for patients. Developed with strong clinical input, the in-office 36 percent hydrogen peroxide formula reportedly is clinically proven to whiten an average of six tooth shades when used alone. When combined with the 15-percent hydrogen peroxide take-home kit, the results are said to be dramatic-an average of nine tooth-shade changes.
DENTSPLY Professional
800-989-8826  |  dentsply.com

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KöR WhiteningKöR Whitening’s unique, dual-activated, Tri-Barrel™ hydremide® peroxide technology is said to separate the whitening chemistry into three separate chambers instead of the usual two chambers (dual-barrel). Historically, the chemistry of in-office whitening gels has been a series of compromises. Having only a dual barrel to separate the chemistry has limited the number of ingredients that can be used. The simple fact is there are many chemicals that cannot be combined until ready for use. By introducing the first Tri-Barrel™ delivery system in the whitening industry, KöR Whitening reportedly has been able to expand the formulation with critical additional ingredients. The more complex hydremide peroxide formulation was designed to enable KöR to overcome previous compromises, achieve more ideal properties and provide the most effective in-office whitening possible.
Evolve Dental Technologies
866-763-7753  |  evolvedental.com

Venus White MaxVenus White Max is a professional in-office teeth-whitening treatment that is said to be fast and effective for a brilliant smile in a hurry. Venus White Max consists of three or four 15-minute treatments with 38-percent hydrogen peroxide gel. Syringe-to-syringe mixing is designed to chemically activate the product, ensuring a thorough mix and providing maximum freshness. Venus White Max contains potassium nitrate, which reportedly helps decrease sensitivity associated with bleaching. Follow in-office treatment with Venus White Pro custom take-home whitening or Venus White Ultra pre-filled, disposable whitening trays for best results.
Heraeus Kulzer
800-431-1785  |  heraeus-kulzer-us.com

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iBrite®The iBrite® 30-percent HP dual-barrel professional whitening gel is said to provide amazing whitening results and require no refrigeration. The dual-barrel system is designed to mean no troublesome syringe-to-syringe mixing and reportedly delivers superior ease of use. The unique proprietary formulation is said to promote remineralization by delivering a balanced pH value and includes potassium nitrate and fluoride to further eliminate sensitivity. The kit comes with all the items needed to perform a complete whitening treatment.
Pac-Dent International, Inc.
909-839-0888  |  pac-dent.com

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeedPhilips Zoom WhiteSpeed in-office whitening reportedly is proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in less than an hour-not including preparation time. In a study, WhiteSpeed provided more than 50 percent better results than Opalescence Boost both immediately following the procedure and after seven and 30 days. Advanced blue LED technology is said to accelerate the process, and customizable intensity settings are designed to ensure a comfortable experience.  
Philips Oral Healthcare
800-422-9448  |  philipsoralhealthcare.com

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Premier® Perfection White™
Premier® Perfection White™ is a unit-dosed chairside whitening system sufficient for treating four patients (eight arches). Activator cups containing a proprietary powder formula are designed to increase the effectiveness of the chemical whitening action when mixed with hydrogen peroxide. A one-hour chairtime treatment is said to be all that is needed for your patient’s whiter, brighter smile. Perfection White includes a gingival protectant gel that is to be used with a rubber dam. Light activation or refrigeration is not required.
Premier Dental Products Company
888-670-6100  |  premusa.com

Pola Office+
SDI created the Pola Whitening Collection in Australia more than 15 years ago. The line reportedly continues to grow in popularity due to its performance, packaging options and marketing aids to assist offices in establishing and growing their whitening business. Pola’s in-office whitening product is Pola Office+. Aside from the product’s efficacy, some things that make Pola Office+ unique are said to be its reduced chairtime, ease of use and desensitizers. With Pola Office+ (37.5-percent hydrogen peroxide) you reportedly can reduce chairtime with three to four eight-minute applications. The Pola Office+ automix syringe is designed to provide ease of use and a fresh mix with each application. This reportedly also allows clinicians to recap and use leftover material at a later time. Lastly, Pola Office+ has built-in desensitizers designed to offset sensitivity the patient may have.
800-228-5166  |  sdi.com.au

“Pola Office+ is my go-to in-office bleaching product. It is very effective and couples perfectly with Pola Day or Pola Night. And, besides that, patients can go through the whole process with little to no sensitivity.”-Dr. Timothy G. Case, DMD, Case Dental, St. Louis, Mo.

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Sinsational Smile
Voted the 2015 Best In-Office Teeth Whitening System by The Dental Advisor, Sinsational Smile is said to be the first whitening product designed to be done in conjunction with each six-month prophy. The treatment is 20 minutes with a one-minute prep time, and patients are also given a complimentary whitening pen to use at home in between visits. This reportedly is the first and only green-certified whitening system in the world and also the only fully made U.S. whitening light on the market (with a five-year warranty). Sinsational Smile uses a one-size-fits-all soft silicone tray pre-loaded with 25-percent carbamide peroxide.  Sinsational Smile
800-407-6820   |  sinsationalsmile.com

“Sinsational Smile is a great whitening product to offer my patients. It offers a nice, subtle whitening effect with virtually no sensitivity in about 20 minutes-even at the new higher concentration. My patients then have the option to continue whitening at home with the accessory pen, if they choose to. But, most of all, they love the fact that they aren’t sore when they leave. This is a great addition to our practice.”-Dr. Paul S. Crespo, DDS

Opalescence® Boost PF 40 percent is Ultradent’s chemically activated, powerful in-office whitening product. Syringe-to-syringe mixing activates Opalescence® Boost just prior to application so it doesn’t require the use of a light for whitening. The activated 40-percent hydrogen peroxide gel is said to be conveniently delivered via syringe for precise delivery. It contains potassium nitrate and fluoride reportedly to decrease sensitivity and is applied directly to the teeth via convenient syringe delivery for two 20-minute applications. Opalescence® Boost reportedly is also easy to see, allowing for complete removal between applications.
800-552-5512   |  ultradent.com

“I’d tried take-home, custom trays, and I loved them, but I wasn’t great about remembering to wear them consistently. So when I visited my dentist, he suggested I try Opalescence® Boost-their in-office whitening treatment. Upon finishing the pain-free, 40-minute procedure and rinsing off my teeth, the results were like night and day! I left the office 100 percent more confident. I couldn’t stop smiling! Now, two years after receiving my Opalescence® Boost treatment, I still get regular compliments on how white my teeth are!”-Chana Wald

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Vista Dental Products recently expanded its line of tooth whitening products to include Fluorescent™ EXpress White, an in-office whitening system, and Fluorescent™, for doctor-supervised take–home whitening. Fluorescent™ EXpress White is packaged as an easy-to-use (no mixing required), complete single-procedure kit that contains everything needed for immediate whitening. A powerful non-light-activated in-office whitening system containing a 35-percent hydrogen peroxide gel, Fluorescent™ EXpress White is said to work fast to whiten patients’ teeth in just one office visit. For take-home whitening, the original Fluorescent™ reportedly comes in convenient syringes that are easy for the patient to continue to apply at home.
Vista Dental Products
877-418-4782  |  vista-dental.com

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