Catapult Launches Investment Platform Catapult Crown

Dental thought leaders in Catapult will find and observe startups, creating a coalition to invest in new and innovative products and services.

Dental leadership group Catapult has announced a new investment platform comprised of Catapult leaders and experienced investors, titled Catapult Crown. Catapult Crown will leverage Catapult’s continuing education experts as well as its product reviewers to cultivate dental startups for the Catapult Crown platform, according to a press release from Catapult. With the help of Catapult’s experienced leaders, these startups will provide investment opportunities to the dental community, per Founder, Director, and CEO of Catapult, Dr Lou Graham.

“Who better to invest in the future of dentistry than those who operate within it each and every day?” Dr Graham says in the press release. “The decades of experience within the dental industry have provided us with the vantage point to identify, diligence, and present promising startups that aim to solve dentistry’s biggest problems.”

Catapult Crown will combine legal, intellectual property, and business analysis experts to observe dental startups. The group will then take a closer look through a business and leadership lens, and will then meet to determine if the startup is suitable for the Catapult Crown investment platform.

If the startup’s offering meets the necessary criteria set by experts at Catapult and it enters the marketplace, Catapult Education™ will leverage its reach for product/service awareness and sales. This could also lead to potential partnerships with manufacturers and distributors, according to the press release.

There are no fees for signing up with the platform, and community members may choose to invest from $10,000 upwards for these opportunities. Catapult Crown will use Carta for administrative duties.