Carestream Dental partners with Elite Dental Alliance

Private dental practices can now get corporate-level support and pricing.

Carestream Dental, a leader in digital dentistry, has joined forces with Elite Dental Alliance (ELITE). viewed as the premier dental purchasing platform for independent dental practices. This partnership will provide more than 20,000 dental professionals with exclusive pricing, corporate-level service and educational opportunities

The ELITE network is comprised of carefully chosen vendors, of which Carestream Dental is now one of, who provide products and services to ELITE members at pre-negotiated rates.

ELITE members will benefit from special pricing on Carestream Dental’s intraoral equipment, including the CS 3600 intraoral scanner, the RVG 6200 sensors and the CS 1500 intraoral camera.     


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“Carestream Dental has always understood that oral healthcare professionals choose this field to treat patients and change lives, not negotiate business deals and bulk purchasing agreements,” Ed Shellard, D.M.D., chief dental officer, Carestream Dental, said. “This partnership with ELITE will make the business side of dentistry just a little easier and take the stress out of major buying decisions.”

“As an advocate for the nation’s leading dental professionals, ELITE is constantly identifying ways to help our members compete in an increasingly ‘corporate’ industry,” Brett Pierce, president/CEO, Elite Dental Alliance, said. “I am extremely proud to be aligned with Carestream Dental as it has shown an aggressive commitment to the independent practice. It is not only providing ELITE members with pre-negotiated rates on premium technology, but also corporate-level support and unprecedented educational opportunities.”

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