Caresteam Dental and SLOWDENTISTRY Partner Up

The two companies Carestream Dental and SLOWDENTISTRY partner up to promote digital dentistry.

Manufacturer of digital dental technology Carestream Dental has partnered up with oral healthcare foundation SLOWDENTISTRY®. This partnership was developed in order to promote the use of digital dental technology, according to a press release from Carestream Dental.

Carestream will offer select membership opportunities to users as well as promoting SLOWDENTISTRY literature and guidance. SLOWDENTISTRY stands by the fundamental ideas that digital dentistry should be safe and ethical as well as a commitment to being paper-free and eco-friendly. They provide education on new and unknown dental technologies so that patients may feel more comfortable or informed when they go to the dentist.

Carestream and SLOWDENTISTRY will partner to help digital dental technology flourish through patient understanding. Encouraging education in the technology is said to increase confidence in patient’s wanting to visit the dentist regularly.