Carbon and 3Shape Partner for Digital Denture Design Training

Carbon and 3Shape will team up to train lab technicians on best practices for digital denture design.

Carbon has expanded its partnership with 3Shape to create new training for digital denture design. It will be a modular education program available through Carbon Academy that will teach users how to design digital dentures and splints. It will also provide applications for case entry and set-up, scanning and importing records, and exporting files to Carbon printers.

Carbon partner labs will also now be able to access live support from 3Shape trainers. Live, web-based training sessions are now available for labs to purchase wherein they can speak 1-on-1 with 3Shape consultants and trainers for this training.

This partnership was designed to allow a direct and comprehensive training program for digital design by eliminating the hassle of and time restraints that would normally come with a lab needing to facilitate its own training. 3Shape hopes to further its digital innovation through this partnership. Carbon hopes to fill the need for knowledgeable technicians as the dental lab industry navigates tricky staffing challenges.

This virtual learning will only be available to Carbon customers through Carbon Academy.