Candid Partners with Carbon for 3D Printing of Clear Aligner Models

Carbon's L1 printers will produce the models for the new Candid Pro doctor-driven clear aligners service.

Clear aligner company Candid recently announced a partnership with 3D printing company Carbon to enhance the production of the models used to fabricate clear aligners.

Candid will use Carbon's L1 printers that feature a proprietary DLS process for efficient production of highly accurate dental models. The models are then used for creating the Candid aligners. The new partnership will help power Candid's new Candid Pro solution that provides the Candid aligners through dental practices.

The Candid Pro solution is a complete clear aligner solution that features an intuitive, patent-pending treatment planning methodology, as well as a range of practice and patient support resources. Carbon's printers are already used for large-scale clear aligner production, and have proven to be efficient and cost-effective solutions to enhance clear aligner therapy.