Candid and Dntl Bar Partner for Dental Office Enhancements

Candid will now offer its clear aligner solutions to all dental service organization dntl bar locations.

Clear aligner solutions company Candid has announced that it is partnering with dental service organization (DSO) dntl bar. As a DSO, dntl bar focuses on extended hours in its practices to better serve patients with busy work schedules. Dntl bar locations are open 7 days a week, with all of its locations being in New York City, New York.

“At dntl bar, our motto is, ‘Dental is for the people.’ For me, that means placing priority on respecting our patients’ busy schedules and giving them an experience that makes them feel at ease,” dntl bar President Dr Roshan Parikh said in a press release from Candid. “Offering Candid at our locations means we can provide our patients excellent clear aligner treatment with minimal follow-up appointments.”

Candid, which offers practices and DSOs its clear aligner system, will now provide clear aligner solutions through dntl bar locations, aligning with dntl bar’s mission to provide sustainable oral care products to its patients regularly. This mission aligns with Candid’s, according to Candid CEO and co-founder Nick Greenfield.

“It’s a pleasure to join forces with a like-minded partner,” Greenfield said in the press release. “Both companies are fully committed to improving patient experiences, expanding access to high-quality clear aligner treatments, and elevating our clinical partners along the way.”