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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report March 2019
Volume 53
Issue 3

How the CS 9600 imaging system is designed to meet the needs of every clinician.

The CS 9600 imaging system from Carestream Dental offers versatility and innovation in a package that can serve professionals’ current imaging needs and carry them well into the future.

The CS 9600 was designed foremost with its users - oral surgeons and implantologists - in mind, resulting in features that are incredibly intuitive.

“I truly believe you can’t find another unit on the market that will give the staff the ease of use, the clarity of images and the strong customer support to back it up,” says Matthew Nichols, DDS, the first person to own the CS 9600 imaging system in the United States.

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The cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) system of the CS 9600 is a highly intelligent piece of technology, offering the capability to deliver exceptional image quality for more precise diagnoses. This advanced system is designed to meet every clinical need, combining 2D panoramic technology, CBCT imaging, 3D model/impression scanning and 3D facial scanning, along with optional cephalometric imaging.

The CS 9600 offers 14 fields of view, ideal for examining the maxillofacial region, TMJ and the sinus. It also allows users to see everything from a single tooth to the tip of the nose.

Once an image is captured, algorithms exclusive to the CS 9600 enhance the diagnosis. CS MAR* technology reduces the scatter caused by metal artifacts, which can cause misinterpretation, giving doctors the ability to dynamically compare images with or without a filter applied

“The fact that I can have clear images with no scatter on heavily restored patients is a game changer, especially when planning guided surgeries,” Dr. Nichols says. “I really can’t explain just how impressive the MAR technology is. You just have to see it for yourself and watch the artifact disappear to understand how effective it is. Anyone using their CBCT to plan guided surgery cases can tell you that significant scatter is one of the biggest obstacles when trying to plan a case in the heavily restored patient.”

Patient positioning is easy with the CS 9600. The system’s integrated touchscreen, called the SmartPad, walks users through the entire positioning process and provides pre-set programs.

Further aiding patient positioning, the CS 9600 is well-equipped with SmartAuto technology. SmartAuto Pan* automatically calculates the correct exposure settings based on the patient’s jaw shape and size, and SmartAuto 3D* allows users to precisely define the field of view position on a low-dose scout view.

The SmartAuto system helps users as well; it will detect when the wrong accessory is used for a procedure and will recommend the appropriate replacement.

Patients appreciate the fact that the CS 9600 records the parameters for each examination. This means the system can be primed and ready for each individual patient before he or she even enters the room for a follow-up exam - dramatically reducing wait time for patients.

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Patient safety is a priority with the CS 9600. Images are acquired at a lower dose to the patient as compared to standard 90 kV acquisition, thanks to a 120 kV high power generator.

Not only can patients feel safe with the CS 9600, but they can also be sure their experience will be a comfortable one. The CS 9600 includes an integrated retractable seat,* allowing patients to sit with added stability. This seat can conveniently be rotated out of the way when not in use or to accommodate patients in wheelchairs.

“The ease of patient alignment using cameras rather than lasers, the ability to take high- and low-resolution scans at varying sizes, the ability to have a patient standing or sitting, and the clarity of the panoramic radiographs were all very impressive,” Dr. Nichols says.

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