An evaluation of the BeeSure Floral Face Masks

An evaluation of the BeeSure Floral Face Masks.

In the dental practice, personal protective equipment and clothing, including face masks, eyewear, gowns and jackets, are essential for not only preventing contamination of street clothing, but most importantly for protecting the skin against exposure to blood and bodily fluids. Personal protective equipment creates a barrier between dental professionals’ skin and the mucous membranes of their eyes, nose and mouth that effectively limits exposure to the pathogens and potential diseases that they encounter every day.

Even though the use of dental dams and high-velocity air evacuation can minimize droplets, spatter and aerosols, dental professionals must still wear personal protective equipment as a barrier. Gowns, lab coats and/or jackets are also required during procedures when there is the possibility for splatter and spray of blood, saliva and other potentially infectious fluids and material.

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Additionally, protective eyewear with solid side shields or a face shield should be worn during procedures that produce splashes or sprays of blood or bodily fluids in order to protect the mucous membranes of dental professionals’ eyes from contacting microorganisms. Patients can also benefit from protective eyewear, which can shield their eyes from the spatter created during various dental procedures.

BeeSure® Floral Face Mask by EcoBee

BeeSure® Floral Face Masks from EcoBee are 100 percent latex-free and provide ASTM Level 2 protection (i.e., >98% BFE and PFE @ 0.1 micron). Yet, the CoolSilk® lint-free and dye-free inner layer of the exclusive Quad-Fold Design provides 15 percent more breathing volume. Front-facing indicators ensure the BeeSure facemasks are worn correctly to achieve maximum performance and protection, while the proprietary RoundEdge™ corners and cushioned earloops ensure added comfort. With a fun and friendly hibiscus floral print, the BeeSure Floral Face Masks from EcoBee are available in boxes of 50, with eight boxes per case. They are available in five different colors with floral designs in plumeria, orchid, daisy, hibiscus and fern.

Contemporary Product Solutions recently conducted an evaluation soliciting the opinions of 17 dental assistants for more than 400 uses, from various practices around the United States and Canada after using the BeeSure Floral Face Mask by EcoBee.

Evaluation Results

Ninety-three percent of the CPS Evaluation Team said the fit of the BeeSure Floral Face Mask by EcoBee was excellent. The CPS Evaluation team appreciated the comfort and ability to place the facemask under the chin and over the nose due to the four folds in the face mask. Ninety-two percent commented that the BeeSure face mask had such a snug fit, they had little to no fogging of their safety glasses or loupes. Ninety-eight percent of the evaluators said they loved the silk feeling of the mask and enjoyed wearing it without the feeling their face was being scratched or irritated like some of the other face masks on the market. Ninety-nine percent of the evaluating dental assistants loved the colors and would like to order the BeeSure Face to match their lab coats. Several assistants commented that the facemask had great filtration and was easy to breathe through compared to the mask they were ordering for their practice. One assistant said they have a “green” practice and this was a perfect fit for the décor.