Biomet 3i and 3M ESPE Announce New Collaboration, Issue 4



BIOMET 3i has announced a new collaboration with 3M ESPE that utilizes the BIOMET 3i patented BellaTek® Encode® Impression System with the 3MTM True Definition Scanner to create customized abutments using intraoral impressions, resulting in simplified esthetic restorations.

Utilizing these combined technologies, clinicians are able to make a digital impression of a healing abutment with the use of the 3M True Definition Scanner, which will scan embedded codes on the occlusal surface of the abutment, the surrounding soft tissue and adjacent dentition. These codes provide the necessary information to design and mill the definitive abutment. The process is handled supragingivally by utilizing the BellaTek Encode Impression System, so no removal of the healing abutment is required to create the scan.

The new collaboration will also benefit patients, as intraoral scanning eliminates the need for impression taking material-some patients find this is a more comfortable experience. The process is shorter than the typical procedure, decreasing patients’ time commitment.

“We are pleased to offer the broadest range of digital solutions, which will lead to esthetic outcomes for patients,” Bart Doedens, President of BIOMET 3i, says. “This new step forward in impression-making offers a win-win experience for clinicians, laboratories and patients.”

"This new collaboration is a very important step to digitize implant treatment, and we are happy to add BIOMET 3i as a new Trusted Connection with the 3M True Definition Scanner,” Dave Frezee, business director, 3M Digital Oral Care, 3M ESPE, says. “Dentists now have the option to use the 3M True Definition Scanner for the complete implant workflow."

For more information about BIOMET 3i, please visit or contact the company at (800) 342-5454; outside the U.S. dial (561) 776-6700. For more information on the complete 3M ESPE line of dental products, please visit the 3M ESPE Web site at or call the 3M ESPE Technical Hotline at 1-800-634-2249. Products are available for purchase through authorized 3M ESPE distributors.