BIOLASE Announces Clinical Integration Team for Dental Lasers

BIOLASE will introduce a team of highly skilled dental professionals to educate dental practices on their dental lasers.

BIOLASE has announced that it will be creating a first-of-its-kind clinical integration team to support the ever-expanding market of dental lasers in clinical practices, according to a press release from the company. This clinical integration team will be comprised of general dentists, hygienists, and specialists and will focus on laser usage in the dental practice.

Mentors of this team include Dr Samuel Low, Dr Brad Labrecque, Florie Mancilla, RDH, and Cindy Basile, RDH. Each of these professionals will offer a unique perspective and experience to this team, as well as bringing laser expertise to BIOLASE customers in the form of web education, in-office training, and smaller group-learning events. The team will also take part in the “BIOLASE Academies,” which is a series designed to assist dental schools, study groups, and dental service organizations.

With the rise in usage of dental lasers, BIOLASE’s President and Chief Executive Officer John Beaver says that this move was necessary to broaden understanding of the technology.

“With the creation of the Clinical Integration Team, BIOLASE is well positioned to serve our customer’s unique needs,” Beaver said in the press release. “This investment in full-time clinical staff will further our commitment to provide superior customer care and an industry-leading standard of support as more and more practices adopt our technology.”