BHG releases 6 new podcast episodes

The new episodes are a part of the Perfecting Your Practice series.

Bankers Healthcare Group, the leading provider of financial solutions for healthcare professionals, is releasing six new episodes as part of its Perfecting Your Practice podcast. The series examines ways healthcare professionals and medical practice owners can invest in their careers and practices in order to drive success.

“Podcasts are a great way for healthcare professionals to consume information, and our bite-sized episodes can easily fit into their busy lives,” says BHG Chairman/CEO Al Crawford. “For practice owners looking to improve their business finances, our podcast offers solutions to the common challenges and questions that our customers have.”

BHG launched its podcast series in 2017 with “5 Simple Marketing Tips to Attract New Patients.” Each episode tackles a business finance topic, and breaks it down to be simple, digestible and applicable:

  • Episode 2: “How Much is My Medical Practice Worth?”

  • Episode 3: “4 Don’ts of Medical Practice Marketing”

  • Episode 4: “Navigating the Medical Practice Lending Landscape”

  • Episode 5: “4 Easy Ways to Boost Marketing for Your Medical Practice”

  • Episode 6: “Most Important Factors of Medical Practice Finance”

  • Episode 7: “How to Take Control of Medical Practice Debt”

New episodes are about 12 minutes long and will be released weekly. They are available for listening - along with accompanying downloadable assets, host bios and full transcripts - at