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A better way to create lifelike, durable dentures

Dental Lab ProductsDental Lab Products February 2015
Issue 2

Christian Campian at BonaDent discussed Ivoclar Vivadent's SR Phonares II with Dental Lab Products' Danielle Toth.

Christian Campian at BonaDent discussed Ivoclar Vivadent's SR Phonares II with Dental Lab Products' Danielle Toth.

THE LABBonaDent is a full-service lab that has been family-owned and operated for almost 65 years. Founded by Dental Lab Technician Angelo Bonafiglia and now in its fourth generation of ownership, BonaDent has made investments in technology that allow it to offer a full range of services, including removables, ceramics, implants and hybrid restorations. It also recently began providing chairside services for clinicians performing full-arch rehabilitation with immediate temporization. BonaDent has become known in the industry as anterior and complex case specialists.

With locations in Seneca Falls, N.Y., West Melbourne, Fla., and Greenville, S.C., BonaDent prides itself on offering personalized, small-laboratory service with large laboratory resources. Clinicians have a direct line to their personal technical lead contact whenever they have questions or concerns or want to discuss the best treatment for any patient. Plus, BonaDent has worked to further its technicians’ training and has developed tools for its clinicians to best utilize their expertise.

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Ivoclar Vivadent’s SR Phonares II are a range of tooth molds designed for a natural look with high wear resistance that matches the age and characteristics of the particular patient. Available in 16 A-D shades and four bleach shades, SR Phonares include 18 upper anterior molds and six lower anterior molds. In addition, there are two posterior tooth lines, each containing three maxillary and three mandibular sets.

SR Phonares II are made from nano hybrid composite (NHC) material. The new technology incorporates inorganic micro fillers and silica-based nano fillers to provide increased durability. Also, the hybrid makeup of the fillers encourages natural light transmission for optimal translucency, opalescence and fluorescence.  

Christian Campian serves as removable department manager for BonaDent’s Florida division. In this role, he learns each of his clients’ preferences and ensures  those high-quality standards are met on every case that comes through the door.

Campian started in the field when he was just 13 years old.

“It started as a punishment but ended up becoming my career,” Campian says. “My father gave me the basic knowledge and encouragement to start me on the path to getting where I am today.”

Campian says every job he’s had has helped him grow as an individual and expand his expertise. For example, he had the great opportunity to work with a periodontist and prosthodontist for a few years. The job helped improve his precision and accuracy, he says, and helped him understand the unique needs of the patient when treatment planning.

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Read about Campian's results on Page 2 ...

Campian has used SR Phonares II in his lab for nearly two years and says,  overall, the product has done a great job simplifying and improving the lab’s workflow.

The variety of shades and sizes means there’s always the right fit for the right case, he says. SR Phonares II has been designed to match the age and characteristics of the individual patient. The tooth molds are available with soft and bold characteristics and divided into three age groups: youthful (with an unabraded incisal edge for pronounced facial curvature), universal (with a slightly abraded incisal edge for reduced facial curvature) and mature (with a heavily abraded incisal edge for flat facial curvature).

“SR Phonares II are just more accurate when shade matching denture teeth to porcelain crowns-hands down,” Campian says. “The final result just looks more esthetic and more natural when using them. They’re an all-around superior product.”

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On top of delivering more accurate, precise shade matches, SR Phonares II are also much stronger and more durable, he says. Many denture materials deteriorate or even break after prolonged chewing. SR Phonares II molds are made with two outer layers of nano hybrid composite (NHC) and two inner layers of PMMA material, a feature BonaDent’s clinicians (and their patients) appreciate, Campian says. In addition, the product fits BonaDent’s business objectives of earning customers for life and making its doctors successful and their patients happy.

“Doctors and patients love SR Phonares II,” Campian says. “They’re strong. They look like real teeth. Clinicians who prescribe them are always satisfied. The patients improve their smile, and the doctors improve their bottom line.”  

SR Phonares II also fit well with Ivoclar Vivadent’s  “More than a Denture” campaign, which has helped BonaDent talk to clients and customers about various removable options. The site, morethanadenture.com, has portals for both consumers and professionals and offers information ranging from dental success stories and what to expect as a consumer to scientific documentation and display information for clinicians.

“I’d say the campaign has been a useful tool in helping to sell SR Phonares II,” Campian says. “It’s always nice to offer a place for supplemental information for clinicians-someplace they can go to when they want to dive a little deeper into what kind of removable services our labs offer. And it’s also a useful reference for patients. Doctors can send patients there for support and to ease the anxieties they might be feeling about getting dentures.
“And, of course, I always recommend purchasing a smile design kit so our clinicians have the best tool possible to begin prescribing removables from our lab.” 

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