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The best practice management software for your office

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report January 2016
Volume 50
Issue 1

Practice management software can help dental offices with everything from billing to scheduling.

Practice management software can help dental offices with everything from billing to scheduling.


Each has a different appearance and functions. The product that's best for you depends on your practice's individual wants and needs.

We've assembled 14 different practice management software products with various capabilities. We hope this list helps you find one that keeps your office runnning smoothly.

Click through the following pages to view the products.


ACE Dental



ACE Dental Software

ACE Dental Software is designed to include all of the features of the top dental programs but in a much more user-friendly interface. Top Ten Reviews chose it as the best dental software for three years in a row as it is said to help practices grow and become more profitable. ACE’s eReminder service automates patient appointment reminders, and an hour-ahead text message is said to eliminate no-shows and save up to $30,000 a year in losses.

“Ace Dental Software is excellent. Our office has used the software for years. It is great software to keep track of patients and also make sure they don't miss appointments. We receive great feedback about the text and email reminders from our patients. We get a fast response anytime we call with a question or concern.”  - Dr. Brian Yoshida

ACE Dental  |  888-667-4272  |  ace-dental.com





CS Cloud

CS Cloud is a said to be a powerful practice management solution designed for practices that want to avoid making difficult and costly decisions about maintaining servers and upgrading computer hardware. Taking your practice to the cloud creates a centralized platform for your practice management software, whether CS PracticeWorks or CS SoftDent. That means you’ll have access to the same file system and database from almost any device or location. CS Cloud also allows you to protect and back up important data and financial information.

“When you switch to the cloud, you’ll always be on the most recent version. This is good as it’s so important. I know lots of offices that don’t do their updates regularly so they don’t get to utilize the wonderful new additions to the software.” - Sue Smith, practice administrator, Levine, Lipnick & Giglio, Albany, N.Y.

Carestream Dental  | 800-944-6365  | carestreamdental.com





Curve Hero

Curve Dental reportedly provides a bright, innovative solution to managing your practice. The cloud-based software is designed with a super-clean look and is said to deliver a refreshing amount of lifestyle flexibility. Curve leads the profession with eight years of cloud development experience, reportedly providing a comprehensive solution, including native digital imaging, innovative charting capabilities, powerful scheduling tools, super-tight billing controls and more.

“What I like most about Curve Dental is how easy it is to use. The software has a clean, simple look that makes navigation and finding information pretty easy. I like that I can access patient information from wherever, and that I don’t have to worry about backups and upgrades like I used to. They’re a great company to do business with.” - Mark Hyman, DDS

Curve Dental   |  888-910-4376  |  curvedental.com







DentiMax is said to be a technology leader with the knack for making software that is extremely easy to use. The software tightly integrates with digital X-rays, allowing you to easily view X-rays and treatment plans from the same screen. And DentiMax is designed to flow just like your dental office. From checking in a new patient to electronically prescribing medication to scheduling additional patient visits, DentiMax reportedly mirrors your practice’s actual workflow. These and other easy-to-use but powerful features are said to make DentiMax an easy choice. Available on the cloud or on your own computers, you choose which version makes the most sense for your practice.  

"DentiMax is simple. For a fair price, you get an amazing program that is easy to use and customizable features to help your work day go smoothly. It also has all the features you will need to run your office. Such an easy program makes training your staff or future staff simple." - Marie Mick, office manager, Office of Brad L. Cottle, DMD, Mesa, Ariz. 

DentiMax  |  800-704-8494  |  dentimax.com






More than 35,000 dental practices rely on Henry Schein Dentrix® practice management software because it provides solutions for both sides of your practice: the business side and the clinical side. Plus, Dentrix is said to help you build your practice with integrated eServices, innovative software that adds new capabilities to your system and “Dentrix Connected” products from top dental technology companies. You can equip your practice with Dentrix now and reportedly enrich it for years to come with a growing network of partner products all guaranteed to work smoothly with Dentrix.

"I can't say enough about what Dentrix has done for my practice. It has truly given me the freedom to do dentistry and has given my office manager the best tools available to manage my business. I would recommend Dentrix for every practice." - Dr. Stephanie L. Huddleston, Lexington, Ky.

Dentrix  |  800-DENTRIX  |  dentrix.com




Dentrix® Ascend

Henry Schein Dentrix® Ascend is a new cloud-based practice management system that reportedly dares to think differently and dream big. With Dentrix Ascend, you are said to get a fresh new interface that packs the most advanced clinical, front-office and business management capabilities into a surprisingly easy and intuitive new user experience. You reportedly gain the freedom to use whatever devices make sense for your practice. From PCs to iPads, you are said to get instant access from any location, and you’re freed from buying and maintaining your own hardware all for an easy-to-manage monthly subscription.

“We went from absolutely nothing to the most efficient practice I’ve ever worked in because of Dentrix Ascend.” - Kristina Large, office manager

Dentrix Ascend  |  855-232-9493  |  dentrixascend.com





Dentrix® Enterprise

Henry Schein Dentrix® Enterprise is said to be an industry-leading dental software that enables multilocation practices to centralize all provider and patient data and maximize business efficiency, setting the stage for growth and improved profitability. By streamlining organizational, administrative and financial aspects of the practice, managers reportedly can improve economies of scale and maintain consistency at multiple sites. Trusted by providers since 1999, Dentrix Enterprise is said to include award-winning clinical tools and integration with leading dental equipment to enable high quality patient care. Backed by the strength of Henry Schein, Dentrix Enterprise reportedly is the right choice to ensure the success of your business.

Dentrix Enterprise  |  800-459-8067  |  dentrixenterprise.com





DoctorMeow is a software paging system running in offices of all sizes. Click on a provider’s card to page them to your chair/location. Communicate that a patient has arrived, a procedure is ready to move on to the next phase or that you need a doctor. Deliver custom public and private messages. Page providers via your intercom system, SMS, pagers, email and the Pebble™ smart watch. Discover practice dynamics with the included reporting module that exposes analytics such as provider and chair utilization.

“We have been using DoctorMeow for a couple of years now. It is a great product with fantastic support. All of our clinical staff use it to know who is here, when they arrived and in what order to seat them. It is a very useful program.” - Ryan M., Moses Orthodontics

Doctor Meow  |  415-738-2444  |  doctormeow.com





Easy Dental

Henry Schein Easy Dental is said to be the easiest, most affordable dental practice management system to own and use. It is designed to give budget-conscious practices powerful features to automate their dental office without the cost and complexity of expanded feature sets. Easy Dental is said to provide a complete set of management and clinical tools but is designed to give dentists the ability to add new functionality, such as digital imaging integration, credit card billing and eClaims verification, when their practice grows. And because Henry Schein backs it, practices can trust Easy Dental to provide quality customer service and technical support to ensure success.

“We looked at competing products, but Easy Dental fit our needs the best. It’s a great system and probably one of the best decisions we ever made.” - William Burnett, office manager, Belmont Dental Care, Long Beach, Calif.

Easy Dental  |  800-824-6375  |  easydental.com





MacPractice DDS

MacPractice DDS’s best-in-class features reportedly include a modern interface for Mac-native digital imaging and next-generation charting, secure messaging, iOS native apps for iPad, patient communications and reputation marketing “built inside” and the lowest IT costs in the industry. If you own an Apple device of any kind and have always wondered if it was possible to run your practice on a Mac, 30,000 users around the world are said to prove it’s possible.

“Since implementing MacPractice in October of 2009, words cannot describe the success of this business decision. The lifetime value of this upgrade to MacPractice is an absolute home run.” - Mark Santana, DDS

MacPractice  |  877-220-8418  |  macpractice.com/dds





MOGO Cloud

MOGO reportedly has dedicated more than 30 years to providing general dentists and specialists with advanced dental practice management software. The MOGO Cloud is said to be an innovative and cost-effective dental software that is powered by the Microsoft Cloud (Azure) and the industry’s leading security, ensuring safety and reliability. You reportedly no longer need a server computer; the MOGO Cloud stores and accesses your data via the Internet on the cloud.

“There are so many features in the program that save us time, automatically record data and, therefore, increase our profitability. E-reminders, credit card processing that automatically enters payments in your transaction, in-office messaging with the follow-me feature, data input, the to-do list and recall are all practical and amazing. They can be used for hygiene, implants, dentures, recalls and more. Now, with the cloud, IT costs are lower, updates are automatic and MOGO continuously monitors our system.” - Michael Spencer, DDS

MOGO  |  800-944-6646  |  mogo.com






Said to be the industry’s most intuitive practice management software, Eaglesoft Practice Management Software by Patterson Dental is now even more user-friendly with Eaglesoft Mobile. Eaglesoft Mobile is an online tool designed to let you manage critical data from the Web and mobile devices. It is said to enable you to view your schedule, patient accounts, medical history, prescription history, proposed treatment and clinical images. You can also assign tasks from your smartphone or tablet.

"No one in my office could operate without Eagelsoft; it is integral to every component of what we do and how we do it. Eaglesoft is consistently at the top of my list when it comes to evaluating practice management systems." - Dr. Steven McConnell, DDS

Patterson Dental  |  800-475-5036  |  eaglesoft.net






Planet DDS’s Denticon offers scheduling, clinical charting, imaging, patient-facing online tools, advanced reporting, patient communications and even fully integrated insurance services. It is all hosted in the cloud with continuous backup, which reportedly allows practices to do away with expensive servers. Simply log into Denticon anytime, anywhere with an Internet browser to access the latest version of the EHR-certified practice management software and all of your practice information.

Planet DDS  |  800-861-5098  |  planetdds.com






XLDent is a complete suite of dental software for tablet PC, desktop and web technologies. It reportedly allows dental staff to create an interactive experience for their patients and provides flexibility in the delivery of patient care. XLDent is designed to allow you to go totally paperless and contribute to the overall productivity and profitability of general dental and specialty practices. It is suitable for single and multilocation clinics.

“We use XLDent because of the user-friendly product, excellent customer service, knowledgeable staff and versatility of the XLDent product suite. We utilize almost every feature of the product line. I would recommend XLDent to anyone looking for an exceptional product and wonderful customer service to support you.” - Connie Behnken, office manager, Manchester, Iowa

XLDent  |  866-450-6717  |  xldent.com

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