Benco partners up for Easy Denture solution

Benco Dental and North Carolina-based duo Drs. Misael and Lindsay Otero have partnered together to develop Easy Denture, a solution for edentulous patients. 

This new category in custom dentures was created to fill a void in the health care system, according to Dr. Misael Otero. The Easy Denture should be dipped in boiling water for 60 seconds and allowed to cool for 60 seconds. Align in the mouth and create a seal for 90 seconds, then place the denture in cold water to set for 30 seconds. This procedure is designed to be a one visit process.

“What keeps me motivated is to think that with Easy Denture we could potentially be responsible for putting more smiles on more faces than any other dentist or company or institution,” said Dr. Misael Otero. 

The current process to obtain custom dentures can include three visits to a dental office, weeks of wait time, and cost upward of $3,000. Easy Denture is said to remove these hurdles with a five-minute process at one-tenth of the cost-just a few hundred dollars. 

“Easy Denture is not a replacement for a high-end cosmetic set. It’s an amazing, perfect solution for an immediate denture, a great replacement for an economy denture,” Dr. Misael Otero said. He also recommended Easy Denture as a transitional or backup denture and as an option for caregivers of those limited by transportation and time constraints. 

“Easy Denture breaks down insurmountable barriers to care for potentially millions of patients worldwide. Until now, the choice was too often traditional dentures or nothing at all in cases where people cannot afford them, or cannot make the multiple office visits necessary to get them. Easy Denture offers a next best thing: An effective, practical alternative that brings treatment within reach,” said Mike DePietro, Benco Dental's marketing product manager for Easy Denture.

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