The Benchmark: Infection Control

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2010-07-01, Issue 7

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Cavex ImpreSafe



Crosstex Int'l


Team Vista

The Dental Advisor's Top Choices

Infection control products are continually changing the way dentistry is performed. With increased attention on the spread of infectious disease in health care settings, dental teams need to be cognizant of the latest innovations that make the tedious job of infection control in a clinical setting more manageable. 


Ideal characteristics:

  • Easy to use

  • Effective in killing microorganisms or preventing the spread of microorganisms

  • Saves valuable clinical treatment time

  • Innovative or solves a clinical issue


The following products have been evaluated by THE DENTAL ADVISOR and were highly rated. Comments from their Consultants are included:

Ultra Sensitive Mask, Crosstex Int'l

With an ear-loop design well suited for users with sensitive skin, the masks are free of chemicals, inks, dyes and fragrances. They feature a fluid-resistant outer layer with a white hypoallergenic inner cellulose layer.

  • “Great for sensitive skin.”

  • “Stays formed to my nose.”

  • “I can’t use other masks.”

  • “The ear loops are a little rough.”

Cavex ImpreSafe, Cavex Holland BV

This highly concentrated disinfectant for alginate, polyether and silicone impressions is aldehyde-free and has a neutral odor.

  • “I like the photo step by step guide; we posted it above the solution so any staff member could easily see how to use the product.”

  • “I feel I am acting more responsibly to my lab.”

  • “Offer a larger bath for orthodontic offices.”

  • “I loved the whole system. It was very easy to use and implement into our office.”

  • “No mess and no smell.”

  • “Make timer louder.”

  • “I like that the impression is being thoroughly disinfected quickly.”

  • “Offer a larger bath for laboratories.”

Team Vista, Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co.

A complete waterline cleaning system, it is indicated to provide continuous cleaning of dental waterlines associated with delivery units using independent water bottles.

  • “Very easy to use, time efficient and easy to incorporate into the office procedure.”

  • “Comprehensive kit-we used it daily and weekly for the past few months.”

  • “Patients have complained about a bitter after-taste (but company says this does not occur when directions are properly followed).”

Dr. John Molinari is the Director of Infection Control at THE DENTAL ADVISOR. Submit your questions to him online at: 

Advice from OSAP

No matter what the product, some questions can be applied to assess its suitability for the job, acceptability to staff and cost-effectiveness. In making product selection decisions about infection control products, consider the product’s:

  • Label claims

  • Directions for use

  • Compatibility with patients, staff and materials in the practice

  • Costs

  • Regulatory registration or clearance

  • Consistency with public health recommendations

Final purchasing considerations should take into account user satisfaction and cost. Because even features such as odor, method of delivery or dispensing, and packaging or color can influence compliance, practices should not discount the value of some of these more subjective considerations.

Objective organizations such as the non-profit Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP) can help practitioners understand how to read labels, interpret regulations and guidelines and make informed decisions about the products they select.  For more information on OSAP, visit