Belmont Equipment brings new products and look to CDS Midwinter

The company will showcase new products, including the new Bel-Cypher Pro x-ray.

Worldwide dental manufacturer Belmont Equipment not only continues to expand and update its expansive product lines, but at this year’s CDS Midwinter Meeting they’re reintroducing their brand with a new and reimagined dental booth.

Those in attendance can experience the Bel-Cypher Pro x-ray and the intraoral PHOT-xlls’s new LCD control panel in an all new way at booth #4201.

Both x-rays deliver world class quality, reliable Japanese electronics, and sleek, modern looks that integrate seamlessly with nearly any treatment center. They share the same Belmont durability but have distinct functionality differences, making them a great combination for any practice by filling both intraoral and panoramic imaging needs.

The Bel-Cypher Pro is a panoramic x-ray that produces crisp digital images with pinpoint accuracy. The bright three-laser beam alignment system simplifies the positioning of patient Frankfort, mid-sagittal and focal trough planes for impeccable results. With a simple interface and technology that reduces repeat exposure, this top-of-the-line x-ray is a welcome addition to any dental office.

Belmont’s intraoral PHOT-xlls x-ray has given doctors an efficient and safe x-ray option with its slim design and limited exposure to radiation. Now, Belmont has improved it further with a new LCD control panel. Featuring even more benefits than its already easy-to-use predecessor, the LCD allows for a transition from analog to digital controls.

For additional information about the Bel-Cypher Pro product launch and PHOT-Xlls LCD Panel, please stop by booth #4201 at CDS Midwinter Meeting, or contact Belmont Equipment at