B&D dental announces patent for dental zirconia

B&D’s patents cover the most commonly used zirconia material types in the market.

The US Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent to D&B Dental for their dental zirconia-based products, the company announced last week. This brings B&D’s total patent portfolio to 12 issued patents, eight of which are specifically related to zirconia and coloring.


B&D’s patents cover the most commonly used zirconia material types in the market, including white, shaded, and multilayered materials that are characterized as high translucent (5Y) blanks as well as high translucent/ high strength (4Y or muli Y) blanks.


“Since we began focusing on CAD/CAM technology, we recognized the importance of developing, and then protecting our innovative biomaterials,” said Benjamin Jung, B&D’s president and CEO. “Our pioneering work with zirconia for the dental industry has focused on producing superior aesthetics while maintaining strong zirconia restorations. Our patents in this important growth market segment have priority dates that are well ahead of the curve regarding zirconia development. To have our ingenuity validated by the US Patent and Trademark Office through multiple patents in this field is a source of great pride and accomplishment for B&D, and should prove to be very beneficial to our customers, partners and investors. We have developed an effective patent enforcement strategy to ensure our customers, partners and investors are not taken advantage of, and that the general public receives the highest quality when using dental zirconia-based products.”


B&D’s patents cover zirconia produced by multiple production methods, including the most common method generally referred to as “pressing.” The company manufactures its materials through proprietary methods that reduce the zirconia particles down to nano sizes and then utilize a colloidal processing technique that provides a homogeneous blank structure with an industry-leading combination of high translucency and high strength.


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