Automating practice growth with machine learning


How ChairFill mines your patient records to fill your schedule with the most profitable patients.

Each month, Dr. Lou Shuman consults with a dental digital marketing specialist to discuss the latest developments in website optimization, SEO strategies, social media trends, online reputation management, marketing and more.

This month, Dr. Shuman sat down with Paul Intlekofer, JD, MBA, CEO of MMG Fusion to talk about his latest innovative technology gamechanger ChairFill and how it can grow practice production through an ingenious turnkey software program.

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What motivated you to create a product like ChairFill?

The founding partners of MMG Fusion have been working in and around the dental industry for years. Our products and services have all been developed with a “by dentists, for dentists” mindset. We saw that our individual tools and services were helping dentists to manage, market and grow their practices as intended, but had the potential to do so much more. We also knew that our intelligent software mindset, and our focus on automation gave us a unique view of problems in the dental space and how to solve them. 

After evaluating the marketplace and speaking with many of the top KOLs we saw that a practitioner’s focus after providing quality care was on keeping their chairs filled with the right kind of patients. And they wanted to do this while spending only a reasonable amount of money and staff time on marketing, branding, and patient reactivation. 

We applied our unique technology and mindset to what we saw as the largest problem facing practitioners, and ChairFill was born. 

What is MMG ChairFill?

MMG ChairFill is a personalized marketing software system with a brain. Thinking and running all the time in the background, ChairFill will automatically grow a patient base and achieve practice production goals by:

• Monitoring available chair time to fill in the right kind of patients at the right time

• Selectively mine an existing patient base for the most profitable patients and proactively fill a schedule in advance

• Detect last minute cancellations and fill those openings in the schedule 

• Automatically run your highest ROI “Smart” marketing campaigns to continuously acquire new patients 

• Build a positive brand presence, reputation and image for the dentist’s practice.  

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What makes ChairFill unique?

ChairFill does not just seek to fill in cancellations, but is proactively using our other tools to fill out the dentist’s schedule with new patients and existing patients. The software is constantly analyzing, recommending, and executing marketing campaigns as well as mining patient records. ChairFill is customizable to be able to achieve specific goals. A dentist can set specific goals such as target highest margin patients. 

ChairFill also provides unique methods to be able to communicate with prospective patients: Voice, text and even recorded VIDEO of the practitioner or staff. Additionally, it provides dental specific incentives to increase/ensure the practice is achieving their goals.

Does ChairFill address brand management?

ChairFill manages all social media properties, directories, ratings and reviews smartly to ensure the practice to ensure the practice enjoys a positive and wide online presence; is highly ranked across 70 directories; and is getting the best reviews and ratings across the internet. Negative reviews are addressed as well.

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