Arm & Hammer introduces Essentials toothpaste

Arm & Hammer has added Essentials Toothpaste to their existing Essentials product line. 

This toothpaste is powered by 100 percent natural baking soda. Arm & Hammer’s baking soda toothpaste is said to remove up to five times more plaque in hard to reach areas versus non-baking soda toothpaste; neutralize plaque acids fast with a pH of about 8.4, and have a greater stain reduction compared to non-baking soda paste.

The Essentials Toothpaste includes fluoride for caries prevention, and naturally sourced calcium for repair of the enamel surface. It is also said to be free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), peroxide, preservatives, parabens, and artificial sweeteners and dyes. The new toothpaste offers two options for dental professionals-Arm & Hammer Essentials Whiten & Strengthen Fluoride Toothpaste and Essentials Healthy Teeth & Gums Fluoride Toothpaste.

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