Arfona Launches New Products, Multimaterial 3D Printing at LMT Lab Day Chicago

Arfona recently launched several new products and services at the company’s media event held at LMT Lab Day Chicago in late February.

In the service bureau department, Arfona will begin offering Valplast 3D printing services to dental laboratories once they complete a relocation and expansion to their new state of the art printing facility in New York. The new print center will focus entirely on 3D printed Valplast partials and will accept all intraoral and model scans from dental laboratories. Print services for denture try-ins, custom impression trays, and low-res dental models will also be offered. 

The highlight of the event came when Arfona Founder & CEO Justin Marks announced the company’s new FILAdentTM material, a thermoplastic PMMA filament that can be used for 3D printing denture teeth in combination with Valplast partial dentures. 

“The combination of FILAdent and Valplast represents the dental industry’s first real use-case for multimaterial and multicolor printing. Our dual-extrusion r.Pod printer is now capable of producing a Valplast denture base with acrylic teeth in a single build. This revolutionary development for dental 3D printing further reduces the number of steps needed to produce a finished Valplast denture and brings us even closer to our goal of providing affordable tooth replacement for a growing edentulous population.” 

FILAdent will be available to r.Pod users in the second half of 2020 and will come in a variety of basic tooth shades. 

Arfona, a dental tech startup specializing in thermoplastic 3D printed dental prosthetics, is the inventor of the 3D printed flexible partial denture. Additional information available at