Align Technology’s new Invisalign Stickables designed to personalize clear aligners


Patent-pending sticker accessories make each Invisalign aligner as unique as the patient wearing them.

Invisalign® Stickables

Align Technology, Inc., has announced the launch of Invisalign® Stickables, innovative sticker accessories designed exclusively for use with the patented SmartTrack® material in Invisalign clear aligners. Available in an array of designs, colors, shapes and themes, Invisalign Stickables are described as a cool, engaging and fun way for patients to show their personal flair during Invisalign treatment.

“Most teens and younger patients want to do what their friends are doing, but at the same time they want to be unique and individual,” says Dr. Mark Garlington, an orthodontist practicing in Long Beach, California. “Invisalign Stickables add a creative dimension to Invisalign treatment and will enable patients to personalize their aligners and create an experience that we strive to provide for all of our patients.”

Starting with young patients, Invisalign Stickables are initially available in 10 fun themes, including fantasy and gaming, shapes and colors, sports and activities, travel and transit, emojis and faces, animals and nature, letters and numbers, party and holidays, foods and sweets, and basic shapes and images, with more options available soon. The sticker and applicator are made from a water-resistant multi-layer plastic material and biocompatibility tested. Invisalign Stickables have been optimized to use with SmartTrack Invisalign aligner material.

“As the leader in clear aligners, we continuously innovate to provide our doctor partners and their patients with solutions that not only address their treatment needs but also provide them with an experience that reflects the fun, youthful, and unique characteristics of the Invisalign brand,” says Raj Pudipeddi, Align’s chief innovation, product, and marketing officer and SVP. “The ability to personalize their Invisalign clear aligners enables Invisalign patients to express their smiles in ways that are as unique as they are, and we are very excited to help them do that with this latest Invisalign innovation.”

Invisalign® Stickables

“As great as the advantage of Invisalign treatment is because it is virtually invisible, many of our growing patients still want their friends to see something cool and different when they smile,” adds Dr. David Boschken, an orthodontist with practices in San Jose and Los Altos, California, and an Align faculty member. “With Invisalign Stickables, patients can get creative and decorate their aligners to make their Invisalign treatment more fun.”

Invisalign Stickables patent-pending accessories are available now in the U.S. and Canada and will be introduced in other countries in 2021. Invisalign providers can purchase Invisalign Stickables through the Webstore in Invisalign Doctor Site. Invisalign Stickables are also available to Invisalign patients at participating doctor offices or online through the Invisalign accessories site

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