AAP Publishes Tribute to ‘The Father of Periodontal Medicine’

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Publication features 10 papers inspired by the work of prolific researcher Dr Steven Offenbacher.

Longtime researcher Dr Steven Offenbacher is credited with many advances in periodontology and his studies helped create awareness in the periodontal disease and the oral-systemic connection. Now some of his ground-breaking research is being published by The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) in a tribute to the great researcher.

The AAP recently announced that a 96-page tribute to legendary periodontal researcher Dr Steven Offenbacher is now available as a supplement to the Journal of Periodontology. The publication can be accessed at

“A Tribute to Dr Steven Offenbacher: Honoring Four Decades of Research Contributions to Periodontal Medicine” was inspired by 10 presentations given at an October 2019 symposium honoring Dr Offenbacher, who had died unexpectedly 14 months earlier. The symposium was hosted by the University of North Carolina Adams School of Dentistry, where Dr Offenbacher was a Distinguished Professor and former chair of the Department of Periodontology.


Many of the publication’s 10 papers were authored by a variety of past collaborators of Dr Offenbacher, including Drs James Beck, Kenneth Kornman, and Thomas Van Dyke. The supplement also includes an 18-page summary of over 340 peer-reviewed articles published by Dr. Offenbacher from 1975 through 2020, 15 of which were published after his passing.

Both the symposium and the publication were made possible by the generous support of Colgate-Palmolive Company. “Dr Offenbacher was a true pioneer in the field of periodontology whose scientific discoveries forged a path for precision oral health. His research to better understand the pathophysiology of periodontal diseases led to new approaches for improved diagnostics and therapeutics targeting periodontal diseases to improve on oral and overall health,” Dr Maria Ryan, Chief Dental Officer, Colgate-Palmolive Company, says in a press release from the AAP.

Dr James G. Wilson, AAP president, adds that Dr Offenbacher had a profound influence in so many areas of dentistry and periodontology, including periodontal disease and the oral-systemic connection.

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