9 easy tips to grow your dental practice [VIDEO]

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Experiencing a patient slump or simply want to add to your practice’s successes? Here are 9 ways to keep bringing patients back and grow your dental practice.

Experiencing a patient slump or simply want to add to your practice’s successes? Here are 9 ways to keep bringing patients back and grow your dental practice.

1. Being Smarter About Your Brand Management

Branding is more than just developing a logo; it’s what sets one dental practice apart from the next. Employing a branding strategy puts the dentist in the driver’s seat in establishing and maintaining the reputation of the practice and controlling its message to the community at large. Read more here.

2. Understanding Why Patients Aren’t Coming Back

Not sure why new patients aren't becoming loyal patients? Here are 5 reasons patients may decide to find a new dental home. Read more here.


3. Utilizing Social Media and Implementing a Web SEO Strategy

To reach these millions of people who are looking for dental care online, dentists need to make it easy for them to find their practices. This is where Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, and social media come in. Read more here.


4. Improving Communication with Your Patients

Patient communication is key to any successful practice. Read how Lighthouse 360 helped Dr. Richard Rosenblatt improve patient communication and what that means for his team and his practice. Read more here.

Also, know HOW to improve your new patient flow by simply communicating with patients and asking the right questions. See below:

5. Embracing Innovation

The right technologies and product mix are instrumental to any successful practice, whether you’ve been practicing for years or just opened a new office.

Find out how Patterson Dental helped one dentist create a high-tech practice with a focus on superior patient care. Read more here.

6. Practicing S.M.A.R.T. goal setting

SMART goal setting is an acronym that, when applied, leads to goals that are desirable, realistic and most important-inspiring. Let’s break the word down. Read more here.



7. Improving Your Practice’s Efficiency and Time Management

Chances are, at some point, you’ve thought, “there aren’t enough hours in the day...” What if we could help get you back those precious seconds, minutes or hours?

Here are six tips to get you started. Read more here.


8. Embrace Whitening! … And Patient Loyalty Programs

Dr. Sam Halabo, DDS, tells you how to use whitening in your practice to achieve success and explains that when patients accept whitening, it only increases the procedures they accept in the future. And his practice’s patient loyalty program keeps patients coming back. Learn more here.


9. Creating the Ultimate Dental Practice Website

Think your website is in need of an update? These tips will help you create a robust website designed to draw patients to your dental practice. With the rise of search engine optimization and social media, and the ever-increasing importance of online patient engagement, a dental practice website needs to be more than just a static online brochure. Read more here.



Watch how you can build your dream dental team:

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