7 reasons you should revisit removables

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It's easy to overlook the importance of removables to your lab. Here are reasons to return to these vital solutions.

It's easy to overlook the importance of removables to your lab. Here are reasons to return to these vital solutions.

1. An increasing customer base

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the 65+ population is expected to double by 2050. This is great news for denture-doing dentists and removable dental labs-as people get older, their need for removables also increases, meaning there could soon be an all-new revenue stream.1

2. Increase in quality means increase in choices and demand

The improvements and innovations over the past few decades offer so many choices in comfortable, esthetic removable appliances. A removable appliance does not have to be bulky and uncomfortable nor show metal.

“With the increasing demand of implant overdentures and highly cosmetic full and partial dentures, the removable arena is wide open for dental laboratories and dentists to increase their business,” says Dennis Urban, CDT. “The quality and esthetics of denture teeth and denture base materials are unsurpassed compared to materials used in the past. The major problem that the dental laboratory industry is facing is a lack of experienced removable technicians.”2

3. More powerful communication options

“Establish a system of efficient removable case management, which is centered on quality two-way communication between the client’s office and the laboratory throughout the fabrication process, from design to delivery,” says Jim Collis for Shofu.

That sort of strategy means you’re able to create removables that will make the dental practice and the patient happy the first time, saving time and money.3

4. The economic reality will drive demand

The recession that we recently experienced impacted the demand for high-cost restorative dentistry, causing people of all ages to re-think removable appliances as a viable option.4

5. Advances in implants means more need for removables

For patients that choose implants, removable dentures and/or partials are necessary during the healing period.5

6. Better technology increases ability

New materials including: teeth, acrylic and composites are improving the quality, function and esthetics of removables. Lab professionals also can learn how CAD/CAM is already being used for partial denture frameworks and implant bars for hybrid cases.6

7. The variety of removable options can help attract clients

Make your clients aware of unique removable services available through your laboratory such as: combination fixed and removable cases, overdenture attachment cases, or quick turnaround repairs and relines. Provide this information through your company website, emails, or as an attachment to your monthly billing statement.7


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