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7 Reasons to date or marry a dental hygienist


There are so many great reasons to fall in love with a dental hygienist, but Kara RDH narrows down the list to seven in this article.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air!

Now I may be biased because I’m a hygienist myself, but I think we make wonderful people to date and marry. Here are seven reasons why dating or marrying a dental hygienist means your with somebody who’s a step above!

We are great kissers!

If there’s one thing hygienists know, it’s the importance of a healthy mouth. The result of a healthy mouth is fresh breath. We know what a diseased mouth looks like, so you can bet your last dollar that we brush at least twice a day, and floss (or otherwise clean interdentally) at least once per day. This means anytime you get a kiss from your hygienist honey, it’s going to be fresh and clean!


We are smart, which is sexy!

Hygienists are all college educated. Beyond a rigorous dental hygiene program, hygienists are also required to take pre-requisite classes in biology, chemistry, human anatomy, medical terminology, nutrition and many others. If the education alone isn’t enough, all registered dental hygienists must pass multiple board exams to show our competency of the craft. So yeah, we’re smart!




You will never run out of toothbrushes, toothpaste or floss ever again!

As hygienists, we always have a supply of all the oral hygiene essentials. Not only do some of us have access to free samples of these products, we will go out and buy them ourselves if we have to. Simply put, hygienists don’t allow themselves to be put in the position where we don’t have a toothbrush, toothpaste or floss. It just doesn’t happen.




We work family-friendly hours!

Most hygienists work business hours during the day. This allows us to be present for a home life and not working late night or overnight shifts. We are able to balance having a career with spending time with our loved ones. It’s really the best of both worlds!




You will learn impeccable hygiene habits!

There’s no going to bed if you haven’t brushed or flossed. Rather than just being a nag about brushing or flossing, hygienists will teach you the importance of removing bacteria from your mouth. You will also get first hand demonstrations to ensure you are using the correct techniques. Your oral hygiene habits will improve by dating or marrying a dental hygienist!




You’ll never have to worry about having something stuck in your teeth!

The teeth tends to be the first thing hygienists notice on somebody – including our significant other. If you ever have something stuck in your teeth, we will tell you and save you any embarrassment out in public.


We are patient and caring!

We deal with all personality types of our patients’ day in and day out. It’s forced us to learn how to be patient and caring. When you date or marry a dental hygienist, you know you’re with somebody who truly cares about others. If you want to be with somebody who truly has your best interest at heart, then a dental hygienist is for you!


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