5Ws* SmileSnap

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report June 2021, Volume 55, Issue 6

This virtual consultation tool supports 24/7 engagement, allowing practices to meet patients where they are.


SmileSnap Virtual Consultation Tool


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Any dental practice looking to start or expand its virtual options.


SmileSnap’s 24/7 presence goes beyond a practice’s normal business hours, giving patients the flexibility to engage when it suits their schedule.


SmileSnap is a fully customizable widget that can be added directly to a practice’s website. It appears on the home page, making it easier for patients to navigate within the website. The virtual tool features the ability to share simple treatment plans, request additional photos, email and text message templates, and supports 2-way text messaging from its secure dashboard. Live and recorded video consultations allow patients to connect remotely via a HIPAA-compliant platform without the need to download any unsecured apps. SmileSnap also offers an iPhone and Android mobile app, so clinicians can respond in just a few clicks and never miss an opportunity.

*The How

Practices using SmileSnap have reportedly seen an 80% increase in case acceptance because patients have already met virtually with and have been pre-screened by a team member and come into the practice informed and ready to begin treatment. Practices also increase their efficiency by performing the consultation ahead of the in-person appointment so there is no more wasted chair time presenting treatment or discussing fees. The analytics dashboard allows practices to track consultation metrics and conversions, so you know exactly how many leads you are getting and how many are converting.