5Ws* GrindRelief PRO

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report June 2021, Volume 55, Issue 6

With this new bruxism treatment from Grind Guard Technologies, you can offer economical therapy the same day you diagnose.

[compiled by Stan Goff] | Information provided by Grind Guard Technologies.

What: GrindRelief PRO

Who: Grind Guard Technologies, LLC



Where: The device can easily be fitted by the doctor, hygienist, or auxiliary in every practice. In a matter of minutes, your patient can receive immediate help chairside without the need for impressions, models, lab fees, or a follow-up appointment.

When: Anytime a patient comes into your office with the signs and symptoms of potential bruxism, you can offer the convenience of GrindRelief PRO.

Why: Based on the Nociceptive trigeminal inhibition tension suppression system mechanism of action, GrindRelief PRO does not require models, laboratory fees, or multiple appointments. With this new bruxism treatment, you can offer economical therapy the same day you diagnose. Invented and patented by a dentist who suffered from bruxism, the appliance features a unique Central Power Bar, to prevent bite-through and reduce harmful muscle activity by 60% or more.

The How: The Power Bar creates pressure on the upper and lower midlines simultaneously. It can be easily fitted to the upper or lower arches in just 5 to 6 minutes—just soften it in a cup of hot water for approximately 90 seconds—and it can be refitted as often as needed. Extending only to the first premolars, it is designed to be more comfortable than horseshoe splints, for better patient adherence. GrindRelief PRO is offered in a plug-and-play prepack, with instructive videos, marketing collaterals, patient storage cases, and more.