Dental Products ReportDental Products Report March 2023
Volume 57
Issue 3

This system from Renfert USA is described as a simple solution for environmentally safe and sustainable 3D printing.

Information provided by Renfert USA.



The SIMPLEX 3D filament printer system is specially designed for model production in the orthodontic sector.


Renfert USA




Every practice that is looking to get started with digital model fabrication, with little effort. Perfect if space is limited too. Only 1 component—the SIMPLEX printer. No postprocessing equipment like curing, cleaning, etc, are required.


The potential offered by 3D printing is particularly high in the world of orthodontics. The SIMPLEX 3D filament printer has been specifically designed for orthodontic applications.


With SIMPLEX, getting started with digital model production is said to be effortless—basically a touch of a button. With the innovative 3D filament printer (fused filament fabrication/fused deposition modeling [FFF/FDM] process), users can print any type of orthodontic model. The best thing about it is that the printed models don’t need any post processing.

The How*

Whether stereolithography, digital light processing, or FDM/FFF, 3D printing is considered a trendsetter in the dentistry world and is becoming increasingly important in orthodontics. The SIMPLEX stands out from other filament printers because of its intelligent advantages. The SIMPLEX 3D filament printer system is a coordinated orthodontic solution. With its dental-specific slicer software and appropriate filaments, the modified printer ensures consistently reproducible and reliable results.

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