5Ws* OCTOdent Extra-Oral Aerosol Scavenger

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report March 2021, Volume 55, Issue 3

The OCTOdent Aerosol Scavenger provides hands-free, portable protection during aerosol-generating procedures.

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OCTOdent Extra-Oral Aerosol Scavenger


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Any dental operatory.


During any examination or procedure, but specifically during aerosol-generating procedures or when an aerosol vacuum system is required.


The OCTOdent Aerosol Scavenger is a portable, hands-free air-cleaning unit with a flexible suction duct that is designed to capture and filter toxic odors, vapors, and particulates away from the breathing area. Studies on amalgam removal suggest that dentists, hygienists, and patients can be exposed to higher than normal levels of potentially harmful viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants. The OCTOdent is a stand-alone unit that provides chair-side protection during such procedures. It’s also effective during ultrasonic scaling and air polishing.


Available in 3 models—Aerosol Suction ST, Aerosol Suction HP, and Aerosol Suction XT—the OCTOdent features an arm with 360°rotation and a 36-inch reach. It’s run by a brushless motor with 40,000 hours of life and a 2.4GHz remote. It also includes a timer function and interference modulator. All 3 models use at least a 4-stage filtration system and include medical-grade high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration. The XT offers a 6-stage filtration system, which includes active carbon filtration and PlasmaClear Technology. All units are effective between 6 to 9 in from the mouth. The ST unit has 120-CFM suction, the HP has 182-CFM suction, and the XT has 200-CFM suction.