5Ws* Ackuretta’s DENTIQ

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report March 2021, Volume 55, Issue 3

This high-precision chairside 3D printer is designed to provide an effortless ownership experience for every user.

compiled by Stan Goff • Information provided by Ackuretta.

What: DENTIQ chairside 3D printer

Who: Ackuretta


Where: All dental practices looking for a simple 3D printing solution for chairside restorations with lower costs and high efficiency.

When: Equipped with auto-calibration and more than 100 precalibrated materials, DENTIQ can be used for a wide array of applications including dental models, surgical guides, denture bases, denture teeth, removable partial dentures, impression trays, splints, mouth guards, castable crowns, and more.

Why: DENTIQ offers a simple learning curve for beginners while providing the high level of accuracy and consistency that professionals are looking for. With remote diagnostics for machine repair, easy component replacement, a built-in vat cleaning function, and a 2-year warranty, the 3D printer is designed to make digital dentistry technology accessible for every level of user to achieve great chairside results.

*How: Featuring an ergonomic exterior design, plug-and-play printing, fail-safe vat frame, and vat standoffs that protect the vat films, this 3D printing solution is part of Ackuretta’s ecosystem designed with hardware, software, finishing solutions, materials, and training resources to keep everything in-house and make dental 3D printing effortless.