5Ws* Nobio's Infinix Advanced Dental Restoratives

An introduction to Nobio's antimicrobial line of Infinix Advanced Dental Restoratives.

Infinix Advanced Dental Restoratives

What: Infinix Advanced Dental Restoratives

Who: Nobio – info@nobio.com – nobio.com

Where: In all classes of caries

When: Whenever a patient needs a direct restoration placed or needs a failing restoration replaced.

Why: Infinix restoratives feature antimicrobial properties that are designed to protect restored dentition from recurrent caries by reducing demineralization, allowing the composite restorations to have extended lifespans. The materials feature handling and finishing properties similar to leading dental composites while adding the long-term anti-demineralization properties.

*How: Infinix restoratives feature the patented QASi technology which provides concentrated electrostatic stress to bacteria and viruses that come into contact with the materials, causing the microorganisms to breakdown and die instead of producing acids that cause decay. Because the QASi particles are non-soluble and do not release chemicals to affect bacteria and viruses, Infinix materials provide the same high level of protection all the time with no degradation or loss of effectiveness.

The integrated antimicrobial technology can reduce demineralization and protect restoration margins from recurrent decay. Because the QASi particles act via direct contact with microorganisms, Inifinix restorations do not negatively impact the healthy microbiota of the oral cavity.