5Ws* Miele’s PG 8581

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report January 2023, Volume 57, Issue 1

This washer-disinfector gets the job done efficiently when cleaning and reprocessing dental hygiene instruments.

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A cleaning and disinfecting appliance


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Any dental practice.


When cleaning and disinfecting hygiene instruments after use.


Because it is essential to clean and disinfect dental instruments regularly, clinicians can benefit from this 2-in-1 system that minimizes the risk of infection. The Vario TD Program removes residues with low-temperature prewashes, the Miele ProCare Dent Process Chemicals are powerful cleaning agents, and spray arm monitoring guarantees optimal process operation.

The How*

The Miele PG 8581 Washer-Disinfector has a wash capacity of up to 24 regular-sized cassettes per cycle to optimize efficiency. It also comes with adjustable baskets and accessories to ensure instruments of different sizes and shapes are cleaned and reprocessed in a timely fashion, saving hygienists time they can better spend in the operatory. Miele also offers a warranty and extended coverage, so practices can take full advantage of the equipment.