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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report January 2023
Volume 57
Issue 1

[SPONSORED] Indraneel Kanaglekar, SVP and President, Global Dental at ZimVie, discusses his company’s plans to expand its impact in the growing field of dental implants.

Patients today who need to have teeth replaced expect to look and feel great. Because big strides have been made in recent years with respect to materials, techniques, and technology, many more of them are likely to choose implants. That’s why ZimVie has begun to deliver products and education to ensure dentists have the skills and tools to deliver great and long-lasting implant care. “It is critical for patients to regain their functional chewing ability while achieving great aesthetics. Dental implants today can create a much better outcome for a patient compared to a crown and bridge,” says Indraneel Kanaglekar, SVP and President, Global Dental at ZimVie. “That’s where implants fit in the dental industry. Anyone who has a patient with missing teeth should consider dental implants as the best tooth replacement and treatment option.”

Indraneel Kanaglekar, SVP and President, Global Dental at ZimVie

Indraneel Kanaglekar, SVP and President,
Global Dental at ZimVie

According to Kanaglekar, a number of factors have played and will continue to play a role in the growth of implants. “On average, only one of four patients who currently has a missing tooth is getting implant[s], so there is a lot of room for implants to be adopted as the standard of care for tooth replacement.” Second, “more dentists are getting trained in placing and restoring implants, which is driving implant industry growth. And finally, the adoption of digital dentistry and digital workflows is making implant dentistry easier, more efficient, and faster.”

A spinoff of Zimmer Biomet, ZimVie recently launched its newest product, the TSX™ Implant, which is designed for immediate extraction and loading, offering apical stability with placement predictability for clinician confidence. Kanaglekar is enthusiastic about ZimVie’s growth, innovative product improvements, and growth of its dental implant business.

Making an Impact

“I’m personally very excited about the future. Our two major businesses, Dental and Spine, were relatively smaller businesses within Zimmer Biomet and didn’t receive the time and attention that they deserve,” he says. “I’m very excited about our future as ZimVie — Dental is in a very attractive market and is performing well. Now as part of an independent company, we are giving the Dental business the attention and investment it deserves to drive its growth forward. Being part of a smaller, more focused company allows us to be more nimble. Because of that, we will be able to provide a quicker, more focused response to market needs and to our customers.”

ZimVie is currently the only sizable company focused solely on implant-based tooth replacement that provides a comprehensive suite of end-to-end solutions for tooth replacements. It has an all-inclusive portfolio for clinicians: implants, biomaterials and all related restorative products, plus the digital workflows and services they require to place and restore implants. According to Kanaglekar, aside from having a comprehensive premium implant portfolio, ZimVie differentiates itself through its seamless digital dentistry workflow and its robust educational offerings. Together, they can make the procedure far more efficient and predictable, producing better aesthetic outcomes.

“We excel in providing quality education and services, making ZimVie a one-stop shop for all tooth replacement needs,” he adds. “This includes medical education and services to support clinical and practice-management skills.”

When it comes to product development, two things matter the most. The first is that with every solution they’re developing, ZimVie looks at how it can benefit the patient in terms of restoring their chewing function and improving esthetics. Second, but equally important, is how the company can simplify the implant procedure and make it more efficient and faster for the dental practice.

“When you improve immediate implant stability, patients can go home with a prosthesis on the same day. This is because the implant is well-placed, and the patient can leave with either a temporary or a permanent prosthesis,” he explains. “You reduce the treatment time as well as lessen the number of visits, therefore sending the patient home happy.”

Digital treatment planning has also become a big part of dental implants, and Kanaglekar expects this trend to continue. “Digital treatment planning is becoming the standard of care because it allows you to perform a safe and more accurate procedure. You can plan the implant case with precision to reduce the likelihood of those cases returning,” he says, adding that “If you use a surgical guide, the placement is more accurate. It also allows you to plan the case prosthetically while keeping in mind how you want the smile and final outcome to look.”

ZimVie’s robust software and services like Implant Concierge™ and RealGUIDE™ also mean that dentists and dental labs are free to plan a case, then design and print a guide. It’s left up to the practitioner’s clinical judgment to decide whether they want the company to plan, design, print, and send the product to them, or whether they want to do it all themselves or via their lab using ZimVie software.

“We have a very open approach when it comes to our Digital workflow solutions, and we offer best-in-class differentiated solutions,” Kanaglekar says.

Education Is Vital

Educating more dentists is critical. The last thing patients or clinicians want is to experience implant failures.

“Currently, mainly specialists — oral surgeons and periodontists — learn how to place implants in school. So, to ensure patient health by appropriate use of our products, the burden falls on the industry to teach dentists how to restore these implants,” Kanaglekar says. “A large part of our education is geared towards addressing that gap. Moreover, we have also started seeing dental service organizations starting to get into implant dentistry and placing the implant themselves. At ZimVie, we want to be sure that we are teaching how to place these implants by using the digital workflow, while also making sure that we’re always promoting the highest and the safest standards for implant dentistry.”

Through the ZimVie Institute, the company allows dentists to choose what they want to learn and how they want to learn it. For example, content can be customized toward science, improved clinical skills, or better practice management. Courses are conducted virtually on the app, at dental offices, or at ZimVie Institute facilities, which feature cadaver labs and simulation models to help dentists learn or improve by practicing in a controlled environment. In addition to that, ZimVie also supports live patient training that can help improve clinical skills.

Kanaglekar is excited about the future of dental implants and the role ZimVie plays in improving the lives of patients. “We are the one-stop shop for implant-based tooth replacement. We believe this focus allows us to provide a comprehensive portfolio and seamless workflow solutions to our clinicians. We want to be the leader in tooth replacement solutions. And in the longer term, we want to be one of the most admired dental companies in the world. We look forward to building on the legacy that we established in the past and shaping our own future as ZimVie Dental,” he concludes.

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