5 tips for landing the perfect job

Online job hunting can be hard and intimidating for the novice, but there are five basic steps that will make you look like a pro.

Today, there are many avenues to help you search for your next job. The job hunt has evolved and many job seekers start searching on their computer. Online job searching makes the job hunt much more accessible than traditional methods.

Years ago, the Sunday classifieds was about the only way to find out about job openings. It was time consuming to scour through multiple job ads and circle the ones that appealed to you. Next came with waiting until Monday morning to call the hiring dental office and let them know of your interest in the job position.

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Today, jobseekers can search multiple online job boards like YourDentalConnect.com and find openings in their area. They can apply to jobs directly through the job board’s website any time and any day of the week. You can search by distance or by job category or even set up job alerts, so whenever new jobs that match your criteria become available, you will be notified first about the job position.

Online job hunting can be hard and intimidating for the novice, but there are five basic steps that will make you look like a pro.

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Create a profile

Job boards will have you create a profile and a professional summary about yourself. Take your time and fill out all these sections. Some jobseekers quickly skip pages and fill out only the bare minimum and wonder why many employers aren’t contacting them. This is your chance to market yourself, list all the skills and experience you have. Remember, the goal is to capture the attention of the hiring dentist. If your profile is lacking the education or experience fields, then you may be overlooked by potential employers.

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Add a headshot

When creating your personal profile, some job sites will ask for a photo. It’s recommended to add a professional picture or headshot to complete your profile. This is an important element of your online personal profile. It allows people to connect a face with a virtual identity. Have a professionally taken photo, not a picture that your friend took of you at a friend’s bachelorette party.

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It’s worth investing in a session with a professional portrait photographer and getting a collection a few different headshots. Remember, you are selling yourself as a professional. Think of lawyers and doctors; their bio pictures aren’t photos at the office party.


Ask for a reasonable salary

When asked for your salary preference, never go to the top of the range; this will narrow the number of employers willing to contact you. Go with the median salary range. After you are hired and have proven yourself after the 90 days, you can always renegotiate your salary. It’s beneficial to getting as many interviews as possible, so don’t price yourself out of the market.

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Respond promptly

When employers contact you through the job site email, always respond promptly. Be considerate of their time. Don’t wait many days to respond. Even if you aren’t interested, please let the searching employer know. This reflects on what type of employee you would be. Being courteous and punctual can help you develop a reputation as a reliable and considerate employee.

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Give them a way to contact you

When applying to a job position, always leave your contact phone number in the message area. Some employers will want to contact you directly by phone or text. Especially if this is for a short-notice job.

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Good luck!

The job search can be stressful, but today online job boards make the hiring process more efficient for both the job seeker and employer. You have a better chance of finding a job online today than in the Sunday ads of the past. Take advantage of this new opportunity and go out and find your dream job!  

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