5 Reasons to Buy: DEXIS Platinum Sensor

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2009-11-01, Issue 11


1. With new integrated image capture and processing technology, the DEXIS Platinum Sensorallows true “plug-n-ray” connectivity via a direct, gold-plated USB plug and does not require an adapter or docking station.

2. Featuring PureImage™ technology, the sensor combines a caesium iodide scintillator with fiber optics and a high-resolution CMOS sensor to produce crisp and highly detailed 2.2 megapixel images.

3. The PerfectSize™ sensor is suitable for all vertical and horizontal bitewings, and all periapicals, eliminating the need to use multiple sensors of multiple sizes.

4. The four beveled corners and rounded casing optimize the sensor housing for both patient comfort and ease of use, even in posterior regions.

5. Designed for enhanced durability as well as comfort, the proprietary WiseAngle™ cable exit on the sensor’s back adds cable flexibility.